Autoflower defoilation

Can i remove large lower fan leaves after flower has started

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I aint no pro as im on my second grow. But I have read on here some wait for certain time frames to do this stuff. I think its just before flower then day 21 of flower or something. @Nicky @MeEasy are good sources of info. Good luck with the grow. Post some pics too. I’m thinking of taking some of my biggest fan leaves of today at day 28

Yup. Depending on how far into flower you are, you can remove any that are blocking bud sites. And is recommended to get good light down through the canopy.

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I dont know but may have slowed one down a bit by cutting a long bottom branch off not big and a top leaf now its not flowering as fast as the others . 31 days and buds who would have thought. Wish i had pics to show thanks for the returns

You can yes, we suggest roughly day 21 into flower and then again 2 weeks from harvest.

If your in soil be careful only remove a few every couple days. If your in coco fly away at it.
Defoilation is a must.


I was wondering why i defol in the coco and the plant seems to take off nassi e when i strip leaves off them. Ffof was not the same it stalked for like a week i wouldnt notice anything new. I notice new stuff everyday in coco even after defols and lollipop the next day i see new growth and crazy

The plant has to work and expell so much energy to absorb nutrients from the soil, it’s part of all the microbiology going on.
While in soil less we are giving the direct nutrients to the plant so it can use all that other energy focused on growing and recovering.

Hence soil plants, and soil autos even more so, are prone to stunting. It’s why I suggest no one grow cannabis in soil unless growing large outdoor in the ground plants.


21 days after the last defoliation

OK i will leave things alone and see. all and all incredible plants thanks for the input this site is great!!

Definitely, just keep reading a lot. Looking good anyways

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