Autoflower cycle question

I’ve just started growing indoors but know how to control flowering with light time. Currently I will need to flower everything at the same time and I understand that. What I was questioning is can you have autoflowering plants in the same room and light schedule at various stages? ie one plane vegetation while another is flowering?


Yes you can ,what is your light schedule 18/6? :thinking:

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Welcome to the forum. You can run auto and photo together. The auto will grow fine under 18/6 and also if flip to 12/12 for the photo. Auto under 18/6 can be run at every stage. If have photo mixed in just flip when ready…up power on auto…cruise along. Will be just fine. Just flipped my photo with 3 flowering auto still in. Auto do not care as long as meet DLI.


Not necessary. Can have every stage of auto in 1 tent/area. Can run them on any light cycle you want. Only photoperiod need any light change.


OK I’m growing Feminised currently. I was wondering if I could have a grow room with constant lighting with auto’s in progressing stages to have some close to harvest most of the time.


Not only can you but it’s more fun if you like tending to your plants, you’ll always have something to do


That is EXACTLY what I do. 18/6 or 6/2 depending on temps. Photo vegging…auto doing auto. When i flip the photo to 12/12 i either turn up lights on auto or lower to get DLI. Cruise on. Smaller yield and good variety auto. Big yield photo. Here is a photo of my 5x5. 2 photoperiod…3 auto. Just flipped to 12/12.


Yes, lots of growers do that.

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Thanks for the quick response and welcome, you’ve answered my question. This begs me to ask ,can you clone Autoflowing plants? You probably understand where my thinking is taking me now.


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Welcome to the forum. Ill add one tip, dont forget to use booster seats if needed to maintain a uniformed canopy under the light for equal light penatration. Again, welcome aboard

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I only clone photos but I believe the answer is yes you can. Providing you do it early enough. With autos being autos the clone will basically pick up time wise from when it was cut. For example. if a cutting was taken on day 28 of an auto that starts flowering on day 35, you have a 28 day old clone. Once it develops roots it will have a very short veg period. This will also result in very small plants. This last point is why autos are not typically cloned. What they produce is simply not worth the effort.


Thank you beardless, that is exactly the information I was looking for. I have just started growing indoors and am impressed with all the control you have over the plants. I have a 6 X 8 grow room that all plants need to be flowering at the same time. I’m thinking about trying auto’s for the first time where I can plant a new autoflowering every other week to have a plant ready for harvest around every other week. All while keeping the light schedule constant. I guess I might need to make another grow room to carry out my theories so I can have two different light cycles at the same time.

Personally, that many plants at different stages of growth would drive me up a wall. I feed them differently based on stage (veg vs flower). Both in what they receive and in ppm. I also ph differently. Then add in the tendencies of individual plants. It is not something I would find any pleasure in.

If I had a 6x8 space I would fill it up with 4 frames like this one.

And grow photoperiods

It is in a 3x3 tent.