Autoflower Crisis

So I got my mitts on some autoflower seeds. Started ten different plants at once - supposed to be feminized autoflowers. And within a 24 hour period one turned out to be FULL of seeds. We of course took him out of the tent but now that we’ve harvested the other plants, we’re finding that they did get germinated because these nugs have so many seeds in them!

My question is - is there a way to clean the tent so that it’s not tainted? Is it pointless? Does it really make THAT much difference?

Second part to this is - these seeds that I’ve gotten off of them…I’m going to try to germinate them and start the next round of plants from what I already have. I have ZERO experience in sexing plants (this is why I started autoflowering because I couldn’t honestly be bothered to try to figure out how to sex and separate - I just wanted to grow!) but now I’m thinking - since these are 2nd gen strain seeds - I’m probably going to HAVE to learn how to do it.

So…advice on any of the above? Because this is new territory for me.

Males don’t put out seeds, just pollen. If it was a true male, the seeds should be regular auto seeds, meaning 50/50 chance at a female or male plant. If it was a female that hermied, they should be feminized auto seeds.


Also, seeds don’t develop overnight. Not sure exactly what you’re looking at, but maybe they were pollen sacks?