Autoflower at 6 weeks with no sign of flowering

Gorilla glue, Bruce banner and Girl scout cookies extreme all at week 6 and no signs of flowering. Both indoor and outdoor grow. Light schedule indoors is 16/8. Do I flip the lights to 1212 to initiate flowering Or just be patient? I was under the impression that changing the light schedule does not affect autoflowers


Autos do their own thing. She’ll be along in a bit. Be patient.

Not good.The foliage around the outdoor girls will be dead in a couple of months And I’m supposed to have surgery early October Leaving no 1 to tend to the indoor Girls. I started them July 1Hoping that everything would be jarred up By mid to late September.

Switch em to 12/12. Others have done it with some success but they’ve usually been vegging longer than 6 weeks…maybe a kick in the butt gets them moving and you still hit your deadline

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Welcome to the community BlackWidow, are you counting the 6 weeks from the time they went into the ground or broke ground? If so, back 2 weeks off of that 6. If that’s the case at 4 week plus you’ll start seeing signs of pre-flower any day🤟

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I run a 6/2 light schedule after the 2 weeks of seeding for my autos.

I guess when they say in the description expect full flowering in 6-8 weeks It must mean 6-8 weeks after showing signs of flowering.That really needs to be clarified because if I would have known that I would have ran standard photoperiod.

Welcome to the community ! The auto’s being late flowering the advantage you’re going to have a bigger plant. They normally flower between four to seven weeks but you can get a stubborn one. As @Pinboy mentioned cut light to 12/12 give them a nudge.

Yes that’s the case. I would bank on 7-8 weeks on most statins from first signs of flowering