Autoflower and photo fem seed

I planted 3 autos white widow and 2 gold leaf fem. I messed up because now I’m realizing they have different time frames to flower… now will I need two different tents for each of them or is there a way I can keep both inside the same tent even when the auto starts flowering and I have to switch the light to 12 on 12 off? That’s going to mess up the fem plants correct? What to do?

From what I’ve read about Autoflowers this shouldn’t be a problem for you. Just tailor your light schedule to your 2 feminized Gold Leaf. I would expect the Autoflowers to finish quicker than the Gold leafs, so if your grow space is crowded or you’re using a trellis net of some kind I would recommend you put your Autoflowers up from and photos in the back so it will make harvesting a little easier on you. Good luck! :+1::+1:


You dont have to switch the lights when the autos flower.
There are some who grow them start to finish under 24hr lighting
Just run the lights for the photos and you will be ok.


@FreshGrowmie Like @BoilerGuy and @Spiney_norman said.


Now will only one led light be enough for the 5 of them? I’m running a mars hydro 2000W on a 4x4 tent. If I do have to get another one can someone point me in a good direction? Because the mars led are kind of pricey.

Ok so, I’m sure your light would be enough. But how WELL enough?
While I can’t vouch for a Mars hydro 2000w light I can DEFINITELY recommend HLG- Horticultural Lighting Group! I now have an HLG Triple Slate 288QB and an additional 260QB in a 4x4.

Without a doubt I would recommend HLG.
For the money you’ll spend on a Mars you could get something with so much more quality and you will definitely understand why most everyone here I see raves about it.

I could tag in a lighting specialist if you want some more information about them.
Good luck and keep us here updated!:heavy_check_mark:


That would amazing I honestly need more help when it comes to lights! Thank you!

Hey @dbrn32. If you’ve got a moment @FreshGrowmie is looking into lighting needs for a 4x4 grow space with 5 plants.

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I would say no. I think BoilerGuy has good recommendations

I grow a couple Autos with my photos it’s no big deal stay on 18/6 till you are ready to flip your photos. And go to 12/12 Autos will be fine they’ll never know the difference. Autos normally finish earlier an get them out of the tent give your photos room to explode.


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