Autoflower and Molasses

Growing autoflower Northern Lights is the strain. When do you give molasses?

I used to do it in early veg and flower. 30 ml per 5 gal. Now i just use recharge or tribus 2x a week every week. Much easier

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At any time. The purpose of molasses is to provide sugars for the beneficial microbes to eat and be healthy. I add a couple teaspoons every third watering (or so.)

Be sure to use unsulphured molasses.


Ok they are just now about 2 weeks from germinating. Got like at least 3 nodes.

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At that stage, mine haven’t been watered yet. I get the soil wet before planting and use a dome for 2-3 weeks.

Very true and there are lots of other good nutrients in molasses that are immediately available to the plant as well. I just started using it and plan on using it about every other watering.

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These are already at 3 to 4 nodes. This is my first grow for doing autiflower so I hope to get alot of help. All I can say they are looking good

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Can we see your beautiful ladies?

I use it throughout flower. Every other watering. 1 table spoon per gallon. I just eyeball it. It’s never harmed any of my autos.

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Do you do any large leaf removal during the grow?

With autos I would tuck if possible remove if you can’t tuck.

Been trying to slight bend instead of cut. The strain in Northern Lights