Autoflower all Female Seeds

Are the seeds all female? Auto flower… I purchased Strawberry Cough …I am all new… I think they might be to tall for my grow area 5.5 feet tall?

Was thinking of getting Northan Lights or Girl Scout Cookies… because they are shorter maybe going auto flower… Easier to grow… ???

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They should be feminized if it states “feminized”.

There are tons of really helpful forums here that teach techniques such as Low Stress Training and topping which can help maximize your grow space and keep your plants height in check :slight_smile:


Ok Thanks, ya that makes scene, I have a Mars Hydro ts-600 Light … 2 5 gallon DWC’s … might do one in hydro one in dirt … I need a way to control heat… … My First Grow… Woo Hoo…

All seeds at ILGM are feminized.

That’s what I thought… Thank You…

GSC can get well over 7 feet tall indoors. You will have to learn to grow horizontal. As a Photoperiod. Personally I would stick with Photoperiods till you get a a handle on growing.

Autos do what they want, when they want. If you have a problem, its hard to correct an Auto
as its on its own time schedule.

But Phots you control it all.

My GSC is on the right side and Blue Dream is on the left with the massive cola. This is when my GSC was over 5 feet and is the reason why I joined here.

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ILGM doesn’t sell regular seeds. All their offerings are feminized…

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Seeing is believing, Nice…

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All ILGM is feminized, but every now and then, you read of males popping up, but I’ve also read a looooot of instances where there is an issue with the seeds and ILGM makes it right. The male plants is really rare, and also usually only happens because of grower error.

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These are both GSCE autos, the not as chunky one is 9 days younger. Outside. They have been incredibly resilient to humidity and extreme heat and heavy rains.


That’s what I read, How high do think they will get?

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One of mine only got about 2ft tall. The other closer to 4. The shorter is coming down next weekend. The taller will be about 10 days after. Both seed to harvest in less than 90 days.

I might have to bend them maybe… just started germination yesterday…

My auto ww got to about 3 1/2 ft tall for what that’s worth

Dirt or Hydro? how big of pot? …Thanks…ya I am all new …

Ffof in 5 Gallon fabric pot

NICE, NICE, Ya I purchased 2 DWC’s and Blue Planet Nutrients … Thinking of going dirt on first grow or do both … I have a ts 600 Mars Hydro light , should have got the ts 1000 … 2 seeds are germinating 24 hours now… I will keep you posted for sure … Do you do Hydro? What do you think works the best?

What kind of light is that? Is it for flowing only?

@Newbie1984 That was a Viparspectra PAR600 light. I replaced them with way better lights called HLG 260xl rspec x 2.