Autoflower advice

First time grower, I went with auto flowers. Seeds were started November 16th. Is there anything else I should be doing at this point? The lights are on 18-6, My humidity is only 25, temperature 82. How tall will these get before flowering? Any other advise would be greatly appreciated.


You will want to raise this by adding a humidifier if you can. 25% is low even for late flowering.

Autos do their own thing and you have no way to control it or predict when it will flower. Most autos will flower at some point between 4 and 7 weeks. Some go a little longer.

Happy growing.


Welcome! You’re off to a great start plants look Healthy. If you’re in a cannabis friendly soil like Fox farm ocean forest you will not need to feed for probably 5 weeks. Keep up the good work
Happy growing

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This is a complete estimation, but I would guess it will triple in height from where it is right now. When it starts flowering it will likely double in height, and you haven’t started flowering yet, which is why I say around 3X what it is now.

Thanks everyone for the responses.

Try bottom feeding them with full large trays of water it should increase Humidity.

If you have to you could hang some wet towels in front of a fan.

82 is about Max temp for me, I try to keep mine around 77 degrees

Height depends on the strain as no two are alike. Good luck!

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Get ur humidity up to 54-60%

Looks like it’s starting to flower

I’ve found with lighting you can control the height to some degree - too much will keep them shorter in my experience. I’ll dim them at first and then bring up to 100% - too close will also keep them short or help them get leggy if set higher.

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Agree with @Bluntsmoke looks like she’s starting to pre flower would wait for others to see happy growing.