Autoflower Advantages?

I’ve never grown an autoflower. Please don’t consider this critical, as I am just curious.

What is the allure of an autoflowering plant? Better for a quicker yield from an outdoor grow, perhaps? We all grow our plants to tightly managed regimens, so I’m just wondering why one would give up control of this aspect of the lifecycle.

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You can grow an autoflower with photoperiods, and start them at different times but still allows you to harvest the autoflower first, or in between grows. The autoflower grows just fine under 18/6 or 12/12. I prefer photoperiods, but I have a few beans I’ll finish up, but it was a good learning experience.


Yes, you give up control of their “bloom” switch, but if grown right, they’re still capable of giving harvests of 6+oz. Some get 8-10+ per plant!

I love autos because I don’t have to worry as much about light cycles or light leaks. I can grow a great variety all at once. There’s a 2-3 month turn-around, from seed to harvest.

They tend to be more easily stressed than photos, which often throws them into bloom early or can cause stunting. I won’t lie: I always calculate for a few runts/stunts per grow, as well as a few monsters. It balances out, in the end.


Surely your growing outdoors? If not what are you doing to get that kind of yield?


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How tall do autos get?

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I’m growing my first auto, and she is about 3 weeks into flower now and she is at 33 inches tall with no training.

Thanks Its perfect!