Autoflower actual timeframe..?

A lot of recent research shows that in a well maintained environment. With a very healthy mother. There is no reason to decrease the dli from mother to clone. In mediums like Coco. Water/feed the same as mother.
They are the same plant. One just has to hurry up and throw some roots.

The lights I use for my clones are much weaker, yes. But they are very, very close to my domes.

Some say their clones don’t grow while rooting. I’ve never seen this. I’ve had to prune mid rooting before (dome space)… lol


Their claims r in perfect conditions with no issues at all. It’s the perfect grow with everything dialed in perfect. We will never achieve this unless u spend a fortune to do so


I am no expert. But I like to try different methods. SOG on a small scale was a blast for me. When I have more clones than I know what to do with I will fire up the SOG machine again. Until then it is taking a break.
I must admit, seeing a sight like this makes me want to get back at it.


I am currently growing ILGM Super Lemon Haze
THC ranges from 15%-22% I am week 9 from sprout. I started flowering 2 weeks in.
I expect to harvest in 1-2 weeks.

The product advertises 8 weeks of flower.

I am growing in FF Coco Loco with 15% perlite and using FF Trio in a 4x4 and a Mars Hydro TS3000W with a constant 18/6 schedule.


Seems to be 10 weeks at best, 12-14 normally.
I got a couple of girls scout cookie extreme that had a nice amount of nugs on them by 8 weeks, but the quality/potency of it at that point would not have been satisfactory.

But yeah, safe to say autos at best about 3 months from seed to harvest.

Never go by what is listed. Best thing to do is keep an eye on the pistols then the trichomes. I’ve had a pineapple auto from ILGM go for almost 15 weeks. Here are pics from purple kush 1st is 6 week and 2nd is at 12 weeks. Put her in to dark which took it into week 13.

Just finished pulling 9 fresh clones from gg4 mother. I figure by the time they are ready I will have harvested space for them. Super excited for this. Plain Jane gets really old when retired. Since pandemic"sic" I have been bored to tears. Have tried so many things in my tents. Win or lose it beats xbox. Slightly :slight_smile:

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Understandable. Trust my plants get plenty of daily abuse. I mean… attention.

Note the abuse part. Cannabis likes things a little rough. For a tip.

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You are further out from harvest than a week, maybe two for the top buds. You may be able to take the top colas, lower the light and let the immature stuff at the bottom mature.
Looking at your plants, and I hope you feel the same way, 450W is on the lite side to flower a 4x4 space. Also, light height management. The plants stretched out much more than is wanted. You can see the difference between the buds on top Vs three feet from the light. A little training, and having a canopy with an even height helps immensely.
The important thing is you are bringing them in for harvest and getting them in jars. Well done.


Man that even canopy is spot on. I am finishing a run with 3 pot sizes and 3 training styles. Had to break out my single boards. Cluttered.


I am glad to hear you say this as I was thinking along the same lines of chopping the top colas. This is my first full auto grow. I have implemented some training, but definitely not enough. I was looking for posts recently where basically an auto was pinned down and growing out at a 90 degree angle so that as the branches grew out they grew uniformly. Thank you for your feedback. I agree with everything you said.

I glad you took my observations the way I indented them. There are many ways to train and they all have the same principle in common. Don’t let one or a few dominate the party. It is often accomplished by controlling the growth of the dominant stem by bending horizontally or slightly below level to let the other branches catch up. The other is more doesn’t necessarily produce more. Do not be afraid to remove lower branches or secondary growth that can not compete with the taller & stronger branches.
This is a photo of the last auto I grew. I really had no plan on how I was going to train it other than I new I wanted to keep all of the growth the same height as possible. I did not top this plant.
Once I bent it over it kept growing and stayed in veg longer than most autos. I kept bending to follow the rim of the pot.

Six days later

Although I removed every other branch (node growth point) I could have easily removed more. When she was harvested, I found some of the lower branches or those that grew from the under side of the main stem should have been culled.
Reach out when you have a question. I will try to help if I can.


yeah, I average 8-9 oz per plant, have had a 1.7lb indoor plant and it takes 13-14 weeks…all photoperiod… I can see the advantage outdoor… you can get more than 1 harvest a year but indoor?
So you’re saying germ - 1 to 2 weeks then flip to 12/12? and they yield more than if they had 3-4 weeks veg? Are they leggy? do you keep them to like 4-8 total colas?

Couple of weeks into flower!