Autoflower about 2 weeks

Indoor from seed snd transplanted outdoor in May 2022

August 2022- today this is what it looks

  1. Is it too late to prune the lower

  2. Zone 9, high heat so I have had to use umbrella to shield the sun

  3. Is this plant flowering?

Being that it’s outside and getting plenty of sun I would leave it alone


Autoflower over 2 months old and not flowering? That is unusual. She is pretty tall for an auto also, it is possible you have a photoperiod on your hands.

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Outdoors I don’t think it is necessary on that plant.

Looks like beginning of pre-flower. Should transition to full flower within a week or 10 days.

Agree with @Docnraq , it is either a photo or another case of “misfiring” auto. Looks happy though.

Thanks, leaving as is


Glad to hear and appreciate the information.

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