Autoflower 1st run

I got a 3x3 tent and (2) lights ( 250 actual watt each light). Also an intake and exhaust fan with carbon filt. I also have advanced nutrients, micro, and bloom from amazon. Definitely set on autos, any recommendations on genetics? Also need to find soil and maybe a good step by step guide. Previously gotten results outdoors. Suggestions and recommendations any? Also how many girls in that space


Welcome back.! I would shoot for two. And center one plant under each light. Or you could go for one big plant with a little training. Good luck with your grow.

I’m trying to think of some step by step books. I first read The marijuana growers guide, and grew with just that and a guy named Matt. It was pre internet days. Recently I have read True Living Organics. You can find them both online. The first one I used as a step by step. They both have soil recipes. I’ve read posts by @garrigan62, @Enlightened420, and @kettle. Those guys got good soil, but so do many others. Hope this helps.


thank buddy, the soil I made in my thread, IS garrigan’s soil and I cant rate it highly enough… even though I haven’t used it for its intended purpose…my misses has stolen most of it for her gardens… I will have to make some more… :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :grin:


When I finally get around to making my own soil, I will also be using a modified recipe of Garrigan/The Rev.
Reading Living Organics is definitely the icing on cake.
Good vibes and good luck :v:


Please keep us all posted and how your wife’s garden as well. She should have so awesome veg’s pretty soon.

B Safe


Genetics? I have only used the auto flower mix pack with success. Blueberry, Amnesia Haze, and Northern Lights From this site.

Soil? I use something found at most hardware stores called natures care potting soil. It’s a little hot but it I have found my high ph water doesn’t cause any nutrient burn. My tap water ph is over 8.

Tent size I also have approx 3x3 tent.

Step by step instructions are all over youtube.

I’m getting approx 6oz but I’m growing 1 plant at a time. To help save space I start a seed approx 3 weeks from being done in the corner (end of week 7). This allows my LST plant to use all the 600 watt HPS I have. I assume these are LEDs you’re using? My plant is approx 2 ft round circle when done.