Autoflower 12 weeks in Am I ready to harvest?

I am 12 weeks in auto flower stigmas brownish orange not sure about the tricombs


Depending on what effect you are wanting. You didn’t list strain, indica or sativa. If you are wanting more of a sedative effect you want some amber in your trichomes. If you are wanting more of a energetic high you want to be 100% cloudy with very little amber. Difficult to be sure about trichs without more magnification. But I’m not seeing any amber. Just based on what I see I’d give it a couple more weeks.


No she’s still becoming a woman.

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Still seeing white pistols and no amber trics so I would agree with Bull 2 or 3 weeks.

let the pistels get a little more color. Looking very good. a bout 3-4 days check again. Get a little amber in the trichromes.