Autoflower 10 weeks old, is it a dud?!

lets try this again, my first try at this went really wrong. ( i was at work and i accidentally posted a half *** post that did not make sense!!)

Oldmanjeebis here! New to this cannabis growing old pothead though haha I Just started 9 weeks ago to be exact. Here is my issue I planned 3 autoflower white widow from ILGM . They are in 3 gallon plastic pots, indoors with ocean Forrest as the soil. Viparspectra light at about 16 inches from the canopy. i did feed them fox farm trio nutrients . 2 plants are almost done flowering i think haha But! the problem child is the 3rd white widow , i think stopped growing or doing anything . the plant itself looks very healthy IMO but it hasnt done anything in over 1.5 weeks already maybe 2 weeks . Im just not sure what to do with it? i want to start another grow but i just have one light, so should i wait or just start another


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The middle pic show the 2 that are flowering already and the third plant in the forefront i had to boost up to the light cause its short compared to the other 2. All are the same strain… White widow

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Nice coloring on those more mature plants.

That does look healthy and bushier than her sisters. My uneducated guess is that she just put more energy into veg than the others and is lagging because of it. Not necessarily a bad thing as she will probably produce more/bigger buds.

A new grow won’t be much competition for the available light so shouldn’t be a problem to go ahead.

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Do you have a magnifier like a jewelers loupe to check trichomes?

I do but it’s really small and I have trouble using it, ill try to get a good shot

Looks good for the quality of light provided , better light would help with small plants

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Than you, it’s my first grow so I’m not sure about the auto cause it’s almost 10 weeks already but I’ll continue feeding it as much as I can. Like you said it does look bushier. I experimented with LST with this one I forgot to mention lol :laughing:

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Yeah next grow I’m only doing 1 or 2 plants 🪴, hopefully try and use all avaliable light to maximize big buds I hope. And yes I bought the light without doing much research , I would like to upgrade.

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Put you light closer , like 10 inch away, maybe like on a corner to use reflective Mylar and put your plants as close as posible with out being on each other to much , this looks good for what you have going bro , for that space you need a HLG Scorpio


I have 5 GG autos going, two were 10 weeks old yesterday and only one of them definitely looks it the other one has been frozen in time (literally has not changed) for a good month until recently when I stabbed the dirt all around the stem and fed it high ph nutes but it’s super funky …the middle one (a week younger than the first 2) looks about the same stage as the good first one and super frosty…then the youngest two…one is also funky but not as bad as the one older one and the other decided to veg for 7 weeks and is now a monster with over 150 bud sites after being thinned out a bit…all that to say that autos are funky man and I’m just learning myself as this is my first grow lol!

I’m confused… You want to sacrifice current finish for start of next? Vegetative plants don’t even need tents btw… First pictures are close to finish anyway, others have weeks left. Just like you don’t throw a bong, you don’t throw a finish. You will regret it.

Yup they’re at the ripening phase where they frost up and foxtail if they need to they 1st is about 5 days and the 3rd pic is roughly 1.5 weeks from finishing . I’d get a hlg 260 xl if you dont mind doing some simple assembly or 300r and go Here for some beginner tips I grew 5 plants tight as sardines and pulled an average of 3.5 ounces from each

It still has a bit to go by looks of pistils. While u still have time look on amazon and find a usb microscope u can hook to phone pc laptop or tablet and get nice close ups. Like 5 to 25 bucks cheaper ones work just fine for what we need to get pics unless u want magazine quality pics then shoot for a more expensive kind. Good luck. Beautiful colors by the way. I grew out like 6 w.w. autos and none had any color like urs. Matter a fact every one i grew all from the same bag of seeds believe it was 6 plants so far i grew and all 6 looked different in some way or another. Not 1 looked like the other when they grew. Had same nutes everything same from day 1

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Thnx for the tips , really appreciate it specially when I don’t really know what I’m doing haha

@Oldmanjeebis which Vipraspectra light are you using and what size tent? So far so good for a first grow I think. Proof of concept at the very least and improve on mistakes and upgrade as possible to increase quality!

The viparspectra va 1000 actual power is 230 w , in a 4x4 tent vivosun . The light footprint is too small for a 4x4 but it was a cheap light haha :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:. Yes! I plan on improving for sure! Thnx for the input . I’ll take all the advice!