Strain : Auto BlueBerry
Medium: 65% light mix plagron soil - 35% coco coir - 20% perlite added
Nuts : Advanced Nuts ph perfect
Temp : 27 day / 18 night
Hum : 43% day / 75% night
Light period : 20/4
Light : 600w Hps

This Pict shows my Autos at their 18th day of life!
I’m pretty surprised for an electric green color of leaves and the real bushy looking of the structure.
Not the first time i grow this strain, but first time using Adv Nutes.
Obviously at least 1/2 of the strenght recommended and one watering alternating with plain ph’ed water.
Maybe i starteed too soon with nuts because i was afraid of the fact i have a non fertilized medium.
Really glad to be here

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Looking Gooood !!!

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i’ve noticed that the youngest leaves have difficult to open!
Some of them have already another set of little leaves inside, but still not open…

Have you seen my thread on growing autos for the first time amnesia haze and blueberry ?

No I didn’t
Can u link me?