Auto zkittlez Ready to cut?

I am still struggling with when to cut. I think it’s too early but I believe it’s getting close. Thought?


Seems a few clear with minimal Amber and plenty milky I’d give it another week and then reassess. Depends on the type of high u want… Get pics of buds not leaves

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Pixs of flowers

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@Mbenita is this a pic of trichs on bud? Depends on what kind of high u want.

I like the highest thc. So i don’t want any amber.

Trichs on buds.

@beachglass what does your flower look like at the stage you cut? I have amber when the pistils are still out and white and was told that you should not cut until they retract which always is at amber stage for me.

Still time left as you still have a lot of white pistils.

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If you don’t smoke it all up pretty fast the trichomes will degrade to amber. Just a FYI. I don’t do amber except one time. The ones I pulled and in mason jars have a lot of amber now.


If those r close up of a bud or 2, it has a lot of amber, but if it’s a pic of sugar leaf, they turn faster than bud sites. You still have some white pistals, also.

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@MrPeat this is where I get confused. When my flowers are done with white, they are 75% amber. Should i go by the trichs color or the pistils color?

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Those close ups are flowers specifically.

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If i wait for all pistils to turn and recede, then too much amber trichs in bud. Now, I have seen others harvest when 50% clear and 50% cloudy. It gets so confusing :confused:. I guess we take a chance. Oh no, I see another experiment in my near future.

Gotcha. You harvest with no amber? Just cloudy?

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I have never seen a plant with 75% amber when the pistils are done. 10% to 25% is another thing altogether.

Always and I mean always look at the flowers. Not the sugar leaves.

Here is what one should look like when its ready. I hope this helps you. I used to pull based on pistol color which was wrong. Now I know better.

Color was caused by cold temps.

Look at the top as it finishes faster. Selective harvest. Then let the middle ripen and selective harvest. Finally the bottom and let it ripen and bam, its now to dry and cure process.

Do this and it will help maximise your total harvest weight. Caveat…bottom always finish last as it gets less light penetration vs the top.

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Yes that is correct. I prefer a Energetic high. This last plant I did push her hard and made truckload of amber. And I mean a ton. Its a creeper from Hell. When she hits, you better be sitting down or you will fall down.

We had this happen with our dad. He got blasted and his entire body became limp. We
caught him as he was going down.

Another guy said be was a Pro from Dover so my sister asked me to blast him. It has 12 strains in it. He sitting in our rocking chair outside and the first puff we thought he passed away on us. He went out for over 1 minute. He blacked out and almost dropped mom’s bong. I caught it as well.

He had to admit he knew jack about marijuana and he smoked 1oz per week. He bowed down to me. :joy::joy::joy:

He is no longer with us. Just like my parents.

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Oh my my. Did u wait til most amber on purpose?

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@beachglass Absolutely did on Purps #1. This beautiful girl.

I am sorry. I do have a full shot with the cola topped off. The last photo was before harvest. And trichome shot was of a flower as
sugar leaves finish first as well all know as experienced growers.

She is my first color change. First one I ever topped the cola off. First on many things. This plant grew like this and I did not interfere with her at all outside topping the cola.

Okie dokie. That is a lot of amber. Hope your dad recovered after a bit. :upside_down_face:

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Oh he did this off marijuana I bought in Colorado. He did recover and he said it was the best sleep he ever had in his entire life.

While he crossed the Pacific 5 times in the Navy one trip to taking the Military advisors to Vietnam, one Sailor got a Dear John letter. He snapped. Killed one Sailor. He tried to kill the Night watch commander and two guys was ordered to shoot him. My dad and another fired and blew the knee cap and down completely off.

The Navy never disclosed who hit the guy. Its one thing killing a enemy combatant but its a whole different beast when it was an American. So Pop being a real man never got treatment for PTSD. I suffer from it so as an adult I could see Pop had it. :pensive:

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Looks like LOTS of amber trichomes on buds to me?

I’m far from an expert but, assuming this is an Indica dominant hybrid, I’d have chopped it before this point as I’m not looking for one puff to put me horizontal for 4 hours as I suspect that bud will now.