Auto WW still not starting flowering

Hello people,
I have one question. First time for auto strain growing. I grew her 20/4 light shedule everytime, besides of my first regular strain (veg 18/6 and flowering 12/12). My auto ww is 47 days old from sprouting. As i know and some people told me auto strain period froms start to finish is about 8-10 weeks. So it had to start flowering i think for 47 days. What should i do? I’m nervous because of this. Is there any situation that auto strain won’t start flowering? Help me and thanks for your time. This picture is 3 days ago. 43 days here.


I’m growing an “auto” right now that vegged for 60 days and it still hadn’t started to flower so I just dropped my lights to 12 12 and then it finally started to flower. But because of that, this is what I have

that picture is like a month old, right now I’m going on close to 80 days of flower. So, add that up and my plant is around 150 days old, give or take


She’s beautiful :+1: so it doesn’t matter if she’s auto strain. I have to try 12/12 like yours. Sometimes i think if she never start flowering, but when i look at her, she’s very healthy.

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That is a beautiful plant. Nicely done👏

Hi i have An incredible bulk auto 7 weeks old and still wont flower even tho pistils are showing

She’s nice, mine now is exactly 8 weeks old and still she’s doesn’t flower. So maybe she needs 12 weeks or more. Or i am not doing something right.