Auto WW Cal deficiency?

@SilvaBack203 Am I seeing a calcium deficiency? From all the reading I’ve done, it looks like it may be.

I use flora Trio with hydroguard and calmag. I didn’t know until today that you’re supposed to dissolve calmag first. I’m at 1.2 EC in rez.

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Typically yes but your girls r so young that i see no harm yet. They will grow out of it. Keep a close eye for the nee growth. The nee growth will tell you…

These girls r resilient and will bounce back good catch though


LOL that was fast, thanks! I almost messaged you when I did water change two days ago because I saw a bunch of “white stuff” floating in the res after putting all new solution. Come to find out that must’ve been the CalMag precipitating out b/c I added it last? WAY lot to learn doing this!

Those bottom leaves will probably continue to yellow, they look really close to the substrate, and when they make contact, they tend to self prune.
Looking great other than that!


So you’re saying that if the new leaves start doing the same thing over the next couple of days, then I should look at doing a solution change? I would have to because if I try to add CalMag to existing it will precipitate out again lol

She’s now 26 day WW auto :slight_smile:

Well new growth seems better so far? The spots are becoming more defined in the affected fan leaves.

Here is the leaf I took those closeups of:


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@adian009 lets ask some peeps with some deep knowledge banks
@MidwestGuy @OGIncognito @Borderryan22

Appreciate the tag @Fieldofdreams. Doesn’t look like a calcium deficiency, is that the only leaf affected? If so let it ride and feed the plant for a few more weeks then remove it. The discoloration resembles a possible PH issue? What’s your res PH and PPMS :love_you_gesture:

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Thank you very much!! Well, it’s all the bottom biggest fan leaves, basically the first set of leaves. The rest look OK.

The pH got up to about 7.7 for a couple of days because my tester needed calibration :(.

Currently the pH is 6.1, it’s been stable that way for the about past week. The EC is 1098.

As a precautionary measure check under the leaf for pest :love_you_gesture:

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Oh shit, that’s what I didn’t wanna hear!

What exactly am I looking for? It looks like the worst spots end up going all the way through the leaf while others don’t.

Sorry, OG got you! I thought pest also (always good to check anyways) but saw your pH went up a bit. The spots won’t go away so don’t think your plant isn’t getting better. Just make sure all new growth looks good and that it doesn’t spread upward. If it continues to worsen, it could mean other things are starting to happen.


Thanks a bunch man! If I see it spreading to new growth I’ll reply with info again :wink:

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Word. That’s why this place is for! Use the “@” and then user handle to tag growers. Good luck!

:point_up_2: Fantastic

:point_up_2: could be the culprit. 6.1 is in range. What’s your reservoir temps? Rising temps can cause your PH to drift. A lot of hydro guys that have to work to keep the the pH in range start at the lower end 5.7 so the drift keeps them in range :love_you_gesture:

Yeah that’s why I bought this and I’ll install it this weekend. ATM I’m using frozen water bottles and keeping it between 68-71.

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Right on Brother, I know the struggles and have used everything from duct tape to coffe tubs :love_you_gesture:. Those temps look great

Do you think I should do a quick foliar spray with light treatment for fungus and pests? In the past I’ve done it just as insurance.

Nothing wrong with being safe and you’re not in flower. Sure you know this but make sure the lights out and will be long enough for the treatment to dry :love_you_gesture:


Yeah I’ll give it 2h which should be plenty, thanks again man!