Auto white widow


Hello all, what a awesome morning here in the Eastern Sierra’s. My question is, I have 5 white widow auto plants, is it possible to get more than 1 harvest per plant, or do I have bad info? This is such a wonderful place on the web


Yes only a single harvest with the autos, but a relatively quick one.


You can re veg a photo but autos are on a life clock that’s ticking from the moment they sprout.


Thanks for the reply, I appreciate it, fairly new and first time ever with auto. 1 at 32 days now and just went into flower, 4 at about 22/23 days, still in veg


We want pics…we want pics!!


I just dropped mine in dirt yesterday.


Thanks for your help in this matter apparently I had bad info glad I asked and didnt waste any time on it



Did you get the picture


Yup!!! Very pretty pre-flower!!! Hope mine look as good as yours!

My first grow of Lowryder autos only got about 10" tall each. I would be honored if you followed my WW grow journal.