Auto Super Skunk, is it a male, or what?

Hi guys, I’ve been growing ILGM Autos my entire life, and I’ve ran into a new problem.

My Auto Super Skunk is now 55 days old, and I’m not seeing what I’d normally see at this stage.

The plant has grown abuv my lights, and is touching all 4 sides of my tent as well.

Normally I would have wet sticky buds by now, but I don’t.

Did I some how get a male plant in my Auto’s???

Maybe I didn’t get an Auto in this seed?

Here are some pictures when it was day 47.

And here are current pics at 55 days old.

Nice looking plant. Green healthy looking and…TALL. Well, you got plenty of vegging done. She should produce lots of buds. Big time!

Human modified seeds usually stick to the game plan. However, it is not uncommon to see variations that appear to revert to the original grow plan(normal growing). It maybe possible that is what you are dealing with…or…maybe you need to put it on a 12/12 schedule like you would a regular grow plant.


perfect xmas tree!!

agreed 12/12. she will flower.

but if she doubles in size will she fit the grow?
maybe consider cutting her on half over a few days to a week. then let her recover a week and set her to flower. i bet youll have 2foot colas in no time


Thanks guys!

She is a biggy, that is for sure!

It really can’t handle getting much bigger than it is now.

I’ve never done any type of cutting on my plants before, but cutting about a foot and a half off the top might buy me some flowering room.

Not sure about doing that though. lol
Just chop with clean tools?

I’d hate to cut on her, just to have her start flowering. lol

Moving to a 12/12 schedule doesn’t bother me, as long as it works. haha

estimate she may double in size in flower. so give yourself estimate room, grab some clean sharp shears and chop. you can put them straight away into water after cutting. then look up a guide to cloning. youll have a clone army before you know it and u can flower them as soon as the big girl is done. i envy you

I don’t have any system for cloning, wish I did! lol

If I go with cutting on her, does it really matter where I cut on the main stem?

Just a straight across chop?

Also, the size of container she is in, worries me.

It’s in a 2 gallon pot right now, but I’m just guessing it has to be close to using all of that?

Shouldn’t I also transplant into a bigger container?

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@raustin if @StonedBlind is gonna prune and transplant what order should it be done in and how should it be timed?

I would transplant first, wait a few days, then prune.


i think its gonna flower like crazy after transplanting and pruning. send us photos! good luck.

yes i would cut her straight across the top. honestly id probably think about cutting her widest spot… u know the outside angle of the xmas tree. ch3ck that height it may be just right

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Or maybe just tie her down big time… take the top of the plant and tie string to her and bend her over as much as possible without harm… and repeat the following day… you should be able to get the top of the plant to dirt level over a couple of days of bending… :wink:
Then throw her into flower after transplant… :grin:
Transplant then bend her over… :wink:



id like if you bent her over and take pictures :scream::smiling_imp:


I’m with @peachfuzz here. If you have horizontal space, bend her and tie her down. Expose those nodes to the light and get some yield! But definitely transplant first.

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Thanks for all the replies guys!

Cutting actually sounds a little easier. lol

Not sure what I could tie her too.

I’m a little worried I’d break something. lol

Are we sure 12/12 will throw her into flower?

This was an autoflower, so in another 5 weeks of 12/12, I don’t want to be wondering what’s up. lol

Although, taking the top, and seeing if I could bend it down like a candy cane does sound kind of funny.

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I had Amnesia Haze photo seeds that all wound up being autos. It’s possible your auto seed was actually a photo. Flipping to 12/12 ought to do it.

Bending is easier than you think. Look around at the LST methods and SCROGs here.

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she will flower under 12/12. itll work out whether you snip or bend, shes gonna be a lovely bloomer

@nostril your entire order was autos?

That wouldn’t make me that happy if all my autos turned out to be photo’s…
Hopefully mine are still feminized at least. :slight_smile:

Although, if this goes good, maybe growing photo plants won’t scare me. haha

I’d browse the LST topics, but pictures actually doesn’t help me much.

I’m blind, so unless someone gives a great description of what they did, it’s kind of lost on me.

So, it sounds like the first thing to do that everyone agrees on, is transplanting to a bigger container.

I got a 5 gallon smartpot on order, should be here Friday.

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i was wondering about your name. my dad is blind. congenital or acquired?

It is hereditary.

Usually the worst is you end up with crappy eye sight, and maybe have to have some surgeries, but that is the worst.

I on the other hand have the bad luck of having a bad case. lol

It’s that old saying, “If it wasn’t for bad luck, I wouldn’t have any luck at all.”. lol

So far two of five seeds marked photo have been autos. It’s a little disappointing but at the same time, I’m happy with an auto. At least they’re germinating!


Can’t tell with those pic’s. Get a pic were the buds would be. Only then can any say if it’s male or female.