Auto still not flowering

A question from a fellow grower:

Hoping you can help.

I got some auto AK47 from you and I’ve had one growing for approx 7 weeks now and it still isn’t flowering. It got pretty stressed at about 3 weeks due to some burning of leaves and got a strong pruning to rid all the dead matter. Now though it has bounced back amazingly and is a healthy looking plant but not flowering. Wondering whether I have stressed it out of auto and I need to trigger it with 12/12.

Have you any advice on this?

you may need to trigger it with 12/12


My opinion me personally id trigger it with a 12/12 I agree with Donald


Thanks @Donaldj & @Majiktoker…that is as I thought and so I have switched to 12/12 this morning.

The poor thing has had quite a full on life (as have I for my first grow!). At about 5 days old the dog tipped the pot over and she was covered in dirt for a few hours before I got home to fix it, and she survived. Then at approx 3 weeks I sprayed for bugs and she got pretty nastily burnt and most of the foliage shrivelled etc and then about two days later she snapped at her stem due to some very poor handling on my account leaving pretty much one little branch left. At this stage I disregarded her and germinated a couple more seeds. But she went on to grow some lovely looking branches (I did some basic LST to spread them out) and now I would love her to bloom…quite the trooper is this girl!

Wow, lol sounds like the girl has been on a journey, I hope the 12/12 works out for you buddy best of luck keep us posted can’t wait to see the progress, and best of luck to you my friend

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She sure has. Hopefully she will yield some nice buds to make it all worthwhile.

I bet she will keep up the good work my friend and love her right and she’ll love you back :wink:

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A week or so of 12/12 and she is in flower. I think that this was never an auto to begin with, the amount of growth is huge and has pretty much outgrown my space…some serious tiding down has had to happen.

I’m hoping the other seeds I’ve planted are autos!

Sometimes a stressed plant that recovers can really deliver some potent smoke if it’s growed out after stress properly and flowered correctly thru harvest .