Auto Sour Diesel

Starting an auto sour diesel. I am going to mix happy frog with ocean forest and perlite and some peat. Does this sound right?


good afternoon @Ms I believe the mix is what a lot of people are using around the community I’m not sure on the ratio of each part to be mixed as I’ve never used the product but other community members will be able to help can you explain the ratio of witch you plan to mix these?? @Covertgrower

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Appreciate the email.


I use straight Fox Farms Ocean Forest.


everyone has there favorite way of doing it.I use FFOF on the bottom 2/3 and FFHF on the top 1/3.


exactly the same as @Deepsix

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This is what many people are describing/doing:

Glad to see you are jumping into your second grow. Start a journal; would be cool to follow from beginning.

Continued success.


Lol…Was looking for this pic and came back to post it.
Good job @PP3121
Sometimes mix in 1/4 cup worm castings in the OF layer

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I was going to try something like this next year. Was going to go with ffhf and perlite in 15 gallon cloth pots ( after solo cup size) then fill 35 gallon pots with ffof and worm castings.

I will let you know how my soil mixture works Out!


I’m having a heck of a time with my Sour Diesel Auto. How did yours turn out?

I dropped a lamp and shocked my first one. My second seems off to a good start, grow slower than I had hoped…

What inspired you to contact me?

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I just searched the forum to see who was currently growing Sour Diesel Autos.

I grew one a whole back, it died on my about 6 weeks into flower. I thought it was because I was hitting it hard with nutes.

I’m on my second SD auto flower grow. I gave NO nutes to it until about 2 weeks into flower and the same thing is happening. The leaves are beginning to yellow and I’m guessing it will soon die like the last one.

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I was trying to attach photos. My first SD stopped growing a few weeks after starting to flower. My second has yet to get to flowering but I will let you know. I did glance the stem of my first plant with the lamp so I thought I had shocked it. I will let you know how it goes with number 2. Thanks for reaching out. My only success has been with an auto Amnesia Haze and that all depends on what you call a success. :grin: I got some buds from it.


If you have the time. Trying a grow in coco for the autos would be well worth it. Your plants will be comparable to photos with it. My average veg time in coco is around 7 weeks. So the plants get a little size to them before they change. And the SD is my favorite strain :grin: I will be tagging along now too :slightly_smiling_face:

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Did you smoke the buds off of the SD that stopped growing? I was wondering how that went?

That was addressed to wrong person…

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If you want to know about smoking buds from plants that have not finished. @JrsGarden could give you some good info there. :grin: I finished the one I did. And never got to try it. @Myfriendis410 set me up with a few jars of his. And it is some great stuff. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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