Auto seedling help

How do these 4 day old seedlings look to you? 20-22 DLI, 24” light height.


I think they look great. I just popped some SLH autos myself and they look the same! Good luck great start :+1:t2:


Nice and healthy good work keep it up


Looks good to me


You look to have 3 really healthy little girls there. They may enter a period of a week or two where nothing much happens above ground, but down below they are making lots of roots


Seedlings look great ! I like to water Around the plant 6" pattern let those roots go searching for water. Happy growing my friend.


Hey congrats look great, above ground already moving in the right direction. Good luck, when my guys are little like that I use a spray bottle to water, sometimes over water a new plant is easy to do but congrats and good luck

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Looks good to me, not even leggy like many we see here

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They are looking good and your soil don’t look over watered good job.

Happy growing

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Does this one look ok? It has had that off color since it popped


Yeah it looks good

A little discoloration in seedlings at stage is not terribly unusual

I’d keep my eye on it though to make sure it doesn’t turn more yellow

And be sure not to overwater that’s most important right now

I’d wait for more opinions though

I’m letting the top two inches dry before I water each time

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I’m at 330ppfd and 23 dli on that plant

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Lol that’s all Greek to me
I have yet to even mess with dli and what not

Your sprout does not need much light though at this stage

What kind of light do you run and does it have a dimmer switch?

Spider farmer Se3000 and yea I’m at about 50% at 24”

Sounds alright I’d go even lower probably, but 50% does not seem like too much

Are you phing your water? What soil are you in? Looks like coco

If so are you feeding it yet?

Current water I set at 6.7 ph, soil is 50% peat moss, 30% perlite, 20% mushroom compost and adjusted to 6.5ph tested with an apera meter

And no I’m not feeding yet, I have fox farm liquid I’m planning on using. Was actually wondering when I could start

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Sounds like you’re doing stuff right
I’ll call @Hellraiser in for a second opinion as I’m thinking feeding is a good thing to know when to start



What do you think on this