Auto seeding led height?


I’m running one Vispar 600 watt and one cheap bestva 600 watt in a 32x32 x63 tent, seeds gonna pop any day, I was going from my research came to 28 inches, just hoping for your thoughts ,thanks a bunch!


28" sounds good for seedlings. Good luck with the grow!


Thanks @raustin appreciate it.


I’d get a couple 6500k cfls for the first couple weeks


@raustin…with the 135W LED and quantum board I ordered, will I be adjusting the power (wattage) level of the light to a lower wattage with seedlings? Is height also important with this system, ie making both wattage and height adjustment with young plants ?


Yes, that’s the beauty of this light. You’ll do about 50% at 24" for seedlings. It will work perfectly.


We’re can I learn more about these lights I keep hearing about?


You need the light specialist @dbrn32. While you’re waiting you can take a look at these lights at growers lights. Com. There’s also a lighting thread around here that goes very in depth on all lights.


Thx @raustin , ,seems every plant I see under these “quantum boards” are bushes! , Will chk them out.


They’re definitely nice lights! You’re kind of in between where any of the standard kits fit well in a 32” x 32”. If you’re interested in making a move like that I would consider doing something with 4 qb 120’s.


Thx @dbrn32, I’m going to get to some research on them but I’m betting your knowledge would surpass my understanding of read meaterial online, I was on here back in July, August when I found this site and seen you around…got the impression you got these lights down,
Besides cash flow, when I seen people talking about these lights it seemed like a forgien language with a sautering gun which scared me lol, I know I don’t have enough space for these plants and I’m hoping to get another new tent and light here in the next 3-4 wks …so I’m going to chk out the 4 qb 120 and the light board @raustin recommended, thanks everyone!


Just put the bestva on veg, turn the other off and run at about 28" running 24/7 for the first two 2 weeks


Thx @boatdsbird got that running to see how it changes enviorment, with both exhaust fans going it cooled to 73, I’ve shut off one exhaust fan to see what happens .


@dbrn32 did you mean 4 boards of 4k 120qb or one board of 4k 120 watts qb…or would you have a recommendation for a 2x4 area two plant flower space ? Sorry I’m sliding sideways trying to figure out these qb boards …thx…can this be done for a CPL hundred? Do u have any used ones u want to sell?


I meant four of the 120 diode boards. And I would probably buy them in 3000k or 3500k.

A light like that would run around 200 watts and probably cost somewhere between $200-$300. Technically speaking, I do have some boards like that. But no platform to sell them and abide by site rules, sorry. Amazon is your best best.


Thx @dnrn32 , that’s cool let me look them up, am I allowed to show pic of items for screen shot on those sites like eBay etc to get opinions on the item if I’m not trying to sell them.
So need four boards of the 120 qb and the a way to hook them together and power them correct?


Ya. You can link amazon, dealzer, or aliexpress. Anywhere else just post up a screenshot.

The only major components you’ll need are the boards and an led driver. Most people will then grab some aluminum angle and fab a frame for the boards. Then you’ll need some wire, a power cord, and some connectors. There’s some really cool stuff out there than can get you a really professional looking fixture. When you get ready to purchase let me know, I’ll help you get all the correct stuff.


Thx@dbrn32, that would be really great!! I figure 3 weeks from now I’ll have the extra funds (250.00) then week for shipping at most, should be ready to flower by then and i can separate the 4 plants into two tents.I have Amazon prime and buy almost everything from there. I love not going out around people!
Well anyway I’ll give you a shout here soon on that , thanks again!