Auto SCROG questions

So after watering first time got me thinking when scrog is in how do people get water run off out of tje bottom trays? I have height restrictions

@Familyman420 I would use a big syringe to pull the water up put it in a cup then test.
Just a thought.


I’ve seen several folks post about using a wet/dry vacuum to suck the runoff out. I personally could never be that tied to the pots. I would have to have some type of runoff or automated pump to run the waste.

Otherwise, not sure @Familyman420 but that is one of the dilemmas of growing scrog style. I used the autopot system in my scrog which uses gravity fed bottom watered system to water the plants. Stress and problem free and no hassle with the watering routine.


Sweet idea. Thanks

@crazyots @Familyman420
That’s exactly what I’m using for now. I have 60ml insulin syringes that work ok. Flushing will definitely be a challenge with this method though.

Going off topic with the discussion, but you’re planning on running a scrog with an autoflower?

Did you make your name from family man Barrett?

I use a turkey baster

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@dbrn32 yes 6 autos 4 under a scrog. On topped,one FIM ONE just lst and one not touches. Then im running other two one fim and one not touched. Just expermenting with this new grow . im under a 400mh hps and a 300hans led and a 3 bulb 4ft t5

In my experience the autos don’t really veg long enough to fill the net. So the net essentially just ends up being support for the growth you do get. Not to say there’s anything wrong with that, just not exactly what the purpose of a scrog is designed for. I’m sure it will be fine regardless, but maybe try a photo in scrog next time. I think you would be a lot happier with the results.

Training them can be hit and miss too. I think a few members have had some success topping and such. Timing is pretty key there, and sometimes a little luck getting them that want to veg longer as opposed to start flowering when they’re 8-10 inches tall. Best of luck with the grow nine the less!

Yeah from what a buddy does with the wwa and has great results is only have the net 8" or so above the containers make sure its in early and really keep tucking em until flower is happening then let em go. They are in pretty dank soil, with NOTG as extra if needed and alot of light for the space. Follow along see how she goes… :slight_smile:


Planned on it!

I don’t expect you will have any issues from it or anything. Just lack the control to fill the screen per se. You will get the benefit of keeping your buds above foliage, so it has to be worth something.

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