Auto’s gone hermaphrodite?

Environmental / stress has been stated here as possible causes , my questions are,can over fertilising,increasing day light hours be contributed also?, will the Northern Lights plant still be worth taking full term ? Have gotten a few seeds from Blueberry and Amnesia Haze but Northern Light has many,will seeds be viable for future grows ? Thanks in advance to any replies this forum has been a god send to a first time grower. (only LST was applied to these plants)

The seeds should be of use for future grows. You will have to sex the plants and cull the males. Autos are very temperamental. Do any have flowers? Typically If they hermie in veg, they are a loss and can pollinate the other plants if not removed.

You will have to watch those seeds if she hermied and pollenated herself then those seeds will likely carry the hermie gene now

Are you certain it hermied and not just randomly pollinated from somewhere nearby? Seems strange that you could get a auto from a reputable seed source to hermie. Light wouldn’t affect them and temps outdoors shouldn’t harm them. Just curious about it.

Can’t be 100% sure about pollination from elsewhere but highly unlikely, haven’t seen any male flowers but while Blueberry and Amnesia produced a few seeds (some look viable some hollow) , can only put it down to myself over fertilising , as all three have produced seeds/sacks , may have got away with it if they were in larger pots??? Not all a loss,BB and Amnesia have some decent buds forming just hoping NL will produce a little for my efforts.

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