Auto Purple Kush. Is She Harvest Ready?

Hi all,

I would really value some thoughts on now close to harvest this lady is. She’s a Purple Kush auto and seems to have been in flower for some time but (and I’m new) with autos they seem to do little for long periods of time then do something dramatic very quickly and all at once!

Grow is in a greenhouse (good and bad there) so no control over temp/light/humidity etc.

I’m putting a selection of pictures up (I hear you like pictures :slight_smile:). Is she ready; another 2 weeks, another day, last week (okay so probably not the last option there :slight_smile:

Any thoughts/pov much appreciated. My own thoughts are that she’s probably had her last feed and just water from this point on - maybe a week/10 days at the most.

Any questions just ask and I’ll try and answer. Thanks in advance to all. TP :slight_smile:

Get yourself a jeweler’s loupe or a portable microscope (both inexpensive on Amazon) and start measuring your trichomes for your desired effect.


Thanks @MidwestGuy & appreciated. I’ve seen such pictures before and I have a good magnifying glass.

Trouble is, you keep looking and keep looking and sometimes the trichomes seem clear, sometimes cloudy and sometimes I can’t seem to tell and you feel yourself going slightly potty! :slight_smile:

Hence trying to get a 2nd opinion.

Warmest. TP

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No one on here will be able to tell you if she’s ready or not without a close up of the trichs unfortunately. They can tell if she’s far from being done by the pistils but once she starts getting close, only the trichs can really tell you. I had the same issue with mine I harvested last night. I’d look one day and swear I see amber trichs, next day, they look cloudy. What finally worked for me was viewing the trichs under a magnifying glass, then slowly pulling the magnifier back which has a zoom in effect. That’s how I could start to really see them.

Good luck and keep us posted!

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Thanks @OooWee1184. You raise a good point so fair enough.

Thanks for the top tip re@ zooming in/out and so I think I’ll check closely, under good light conditions, once or twice a day - the more I look then hopefully the more I see!

I’m pretty inexperienced in all of this and to make the decision more tricky it’s a personal call as well - my right time may not be your right time ;-). Experience is king in such matters I guess though I may - for the sake of knowledge - split the harvest into two or even three spaced a couple of three days apart.

Thanks for your thoughts - v.much appreciated. and I’ll certainly keep posting :slight_smile:


I do staged harvests too. Usually in 2 stages. I’ll remove the tops, then let the lower flowers get a good bit of light for a week or so and then harvest them.

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Thanks @MidwestGuy

A week between harvests sounds about right. I’m fairly certain she’s into her last couple of weeks (for first harvest), I think it’s just a matter of checking closely daily for the actual chop time. Think either start flushing or drastically reduce nutrients. Either way into the final stretch :slight_smile: :+1:

Thanks for the thoughts