Auto pots for mother plants

Hi just wondering if anyone uses the auto instead of hand watering every other day

@Screwauger does. He might know others but that’s the first one I can remember.


I’ve not met anyone who uses the autopot for a mother.
I’ve read where there can be root issues with extended use, say past 140 days.

That said, autopots has several types of set up’s one being just an open tray with aquavalve in the tray that maintains the water/feed levels at a fairly constant level (like the traditional tray). In this set up, you could place any pot or container of any size and yes, I believe you could sustain a mother indef. this way.

I have had 3 grows using the autopot system and the biggest plus for me is I only hand water 3 times on day 5, 10 and 15 and after that it’s all “automated” if I keep the rez full. @Lukey91

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Thanks @Screwauger I might give the open tray way a go

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Don’t the plants get huge when you use auto pots though? (Because of the added o2 to the nutrient solution). Would it make the mother plant grow out of control? (With the assumption that small amounts of clones [-10] are to be taken)

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Several ways to use the autopots. The tray noted above has no added air as you use any pot vs the designed autpot pot.

Additionally, folks use AP’s in various ways. Some use soiless media and pump the nutes to plants. Others use supersoil and just use water in the rez. If you had a mother plant in a traditional autopot you could shut off the air dome (not required) and/or just feed the plant nutes on an abbreviated schedule. You could call all the shots in that scenario.

To answer your question, yes, plants gets quite large in autopots. @Stoneythetiger420

Edit: I guess I want to say also, autopots are not the end all be all. There are problems you can encounter and unless everything is working properly (plant growing, wicking happening, right nute strength etc) a plants roots sitting in water/nutrients 24/7 can result in root rot and other maladies. It takes a fair amount of balancing the variables. For example, the tray pic posted above. I see disaster with that it the pots don’t have a layer of stones or other material to keep regular soil from becoming over saturated. It surely would. So take these tips with caution, your results may vary but it’s quite an eclectic system overall.