Auto pot systems 6 pots 5 gallon atleast

What’s the best autopot system out there 6 to 8 pots 5 gallon smallest I don’t want a crap system that’s gonna be nothing but issues but I have 3 kids and don’t wanna spend an arm a leg and a kidney for it either.
Getting back to the old job is really an ass kicker for me and I’ve been neglecting the girls they r in coco and I went 3 complete days no water lol. I don’t see any issues besides them limping over the last day but I believe that was all in the exhaust tube coming loose from the fan and the hott air circulated in the room. It was 97 in room and 86 in the house the day it happened. All windows were close but without that to be connected it cause the whole house to get super hott. I opened windows as soon as we got home b cause of how hott it was and all 4 cats jumped to the window for the fresh air. Made me feel so bad they were in the house with the heat the way it was. It was 70 outside tho may be another reason it was so warm. But back to the auto pots. A good cheaper not cheapest system that will do me good. And go


I’m interested in this to

The best AutoPot system is the one that works with your type of growing.

The least expensive would be their Auto 9XL that hold 9 plants in a 4x4 tent. They will be crowded so best for a SOG grow.

Next least expensive is the Easy2Go system where two pots are connected together in one tray, and you can add as many pairs of pots as you want. Again, those two plants will be crowded together but can be spaced from others.

The most expensive, but my preferred because of flexibility, is the 1pot XL systems. You can space the plants as far away from each other as you want, and you can reconfigure if you decide to change things up, or if some plants take longer than others to finish.


I bought the 4pot xl system. 4 5gallon fab pots and a 12gallon reservoir. With that I could always buy another tray or 2 and add it in, but its effortless to fill my 4x4 with 3-4 plants


Oh yeah, there’s discount codes available


I wanna get me a 6 pot kit for my room. Or a 4 and bump it up 2 pots. Idk. Feel it would make for alot better plants than I get now as they would have feed always and never forgot about or too lazy to water on certain days. Lol.

Mark I’m not gonna lie. Autopots and jacks is so easy it feels like cheatin. Plus once your dialed in it gives you the freedom to disappear for 2 weeks or more…

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Just take the time to think about the plumbing flexibility, some extra shutoffs or a Wye with some patch line so you can take one out of the system without hiccups. Its not blister-packed for odd counts. Also buy extra silicon stoppers for the valves, they are cheap, and thats what fails when it decides to flood the tent.


I’ve got the new autopots that have the bigger lines. Anyone know the right size fittings for these lines?? They seem to be metric sized.

My mains are 1/2 and leaders are 3/8… In what I posted above I use 1/4 and a 1/4 wye to split one leader if I need an odd number.

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