Auto plants seeding

Ok here is my problem i just started to harvest my plants i have 1 photo [ bay dream ] and 4 auto [ lsd ] they are all feminized while harvesting them i noticed the all have seeds i grow outside in my garden new at this what did i do wrong or has anyone else had this happen

If there are seeds, the plant was pollinated. That means either you had a hermie (if all your plants are female) or there is a male in the area (can be miles away).


Thanks oldmarine i read thst it can happen if they get too stressed are weather has been up and down all summer here in michigan but you may have hit the nail on the head when you mentioned a male plant can be miles away as i have a outdoor medical grow farm about a 1/4 mile down the road from me [ 80 acres ] i didn’t think pollen would go that far i still got nice buds on them
Thanks for info
Ps and thank you for your service


That’s good. You also have some regular seeds (not feminized) if you want to use them. I crossed one of my White Widows with a male I grew. Harvest time on that plant is for seeds. Once she was pollinated, she stopped growing buds.


What male did you use? I know ur sitting on some good stock over there hehe


The only regular seeds I have are from friends… They don’t have much credible evidence of genetics. It’s usually, “This smells just like…” or “This buzz is…”. I’ll raise another male with these and cross them with a WW again. Do that for a few times and I’ll be growing predominate WW before long.

I’ve found several sources for regular seeds, I’m just having problems paying for the transactions. I really want a ruderalis strain so I can create my own autoflowers.


Most likely self-pollinated - you would have to go hunt for male flowers that opened… sometimes there can be just one or two. Other possibility is that a neighbor or someone nearby that had a male plant. Could be letting them go too long but you would see a male flower somewhere on one of them