Auto plants how they age

If an auto starts to bud after 25 days after sprout does it still live it’s full life span?

I believe the sprouted so early case of such a small pot. And they should grow in a regular auto schedule. You didn’t say what strain soil type. Give us the run down.

Blueberry bliss indica/sativa, and the soil I use is ocean forest also I been giving bloom from Fox farm every other watering , darn I didn’t know to start them I bigger pots next time lol




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17 F.


I have 3 that started at 3 weeks into veg. One lemon skunk auto, cheese auto, and a regular feminized ak 47 and they will grow regularly. The exception is that since they are an auto variety, it is supposed to flower without having to switch to 12 12.
Out of my 7 plants i have 2 that are slower and those are sour diesel and power africa because they have a 10 week flowering time, but i i am switching them all at 6 weeks except for the diesel because i want it to veg and extra week or 2 first. So yes it will complete it cycle, it only flowers without having to switch the light cycle.

With autos you want 5 gallons or better. They do not like to be transplanted after growing… but you are doing a good job.

Yeah, pot is awful small. Ive always wondered of you could just cut the bottom off of a small pot and place it in a much larger one in serious situations. Could that work to make more space dor the roots and not cause a ruckus?


At this point in flowering i wouldn’t do anything. Call this lesson learned. But thet look good. Ive seen 7’ tall auto in just 135 days.

Nice! I am surprised to see my lemon skunk auto almost 2 ft tall at 5 weeks today. Shes beautiful, going to switch them wither today or next friday, not sure yet. Im scared shes going to get too big if i do t switch soo because of the flowering stretch.

Do it soon then.

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I’ve got some lemon skunk seeds here somewhere let me know how it goes if you would, thanks

I think the three gallon pot is fine for autos, they don’t get too big and they don’t live too long

No problem, also something that has helped me is if you dont want to pay for smart pots or use the fabric type, simply drill a bunch of holes in a normal pot. I am using 2 gallon pots and ive never seen a root try and come out, because it naturally keeps their roots in check but wont hinder growth. Although, if you plan on growing really big, then I would def use something bigger, but for an auto its perfect. Plus I use a nice mixture of perlite in my soil so giving those roots a few means of getting oxygen is always a good thing. Try it out, but remember it will require more water due to quicker evaporation.
Decided to switch all of mine to 1212 tonight. Keep ya posted.

the five gallon “felt” pots are easy man. move them around to follow the sun every day. and, into the dark room every evening for the 12 hours of rest, well, sort of…real inexpensive,

On the topic of cutting the pot bottoms out and placing the pot in/on another pot…

When growing in soil I used to place seedlings in solo cups. I drilled holes in each cup prior to transplanting. Some days I would sit the little seedlings, in their cup, on top of another pot (3-5 gallon pots) so that they were closer to the lights.

One time, I tried to move the solo cups from the other pots, but roots had grown straight down through the holes in the solo cup all the way down and into the 3-5 gallon soil.

After thinking about it, I think this would be great actually, because those roots start nicely in the cup, then travel down to a bigger area where they can spread out more. Not that I was doing it on purpose at all lol! Not hijacking the thread, sorry guys, but just wanted to throw that out there since @THSee had made me the of it :evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree::v:

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Nice, I mean if thats all there is, it seems legit since you never actually have to manipulate the roots.

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Lol that sucks no problem

Yes this is a lesson well learned I have a couple more will wait for outdoor next year ,my indoor has no vacancies appreciate all the responses .happy growing all

question: isn’t the point of auto flowering is you don’t need to do the 12/12 lights? I am curious as to your reason why the switch?

Most people do tji6ngs that make them feel better. Ive seen autos get 7 feet tall. Or stay 26 inches. Its what you put in , you get out. You can stretch the time of an auto by keeping an 16 an 8 light cycle. It will actually produce more. Plants dont know thier limits