Auto Outdoor help

Outdoor / hoop house Blue Fruit Auto (Seed Supreme) 4 weeks into flower. LST / organic diet (mostly compost, killer tea, and some flower fuel/molasses). Had her in a SCROG but she seems to be thriving more since removing. Any suggestions for maximizing yield and terps? First grow :nerd_face:


Looking good my friend! Only thing I’d recommend is patience patience patience. You’re going to be very tempted to harvest early but try your best to wait until the time is right :slight_smile:

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Great point, and thanks for the reminder. Also plan to cure for a min 2 weeks before packing the first bong rip :dash:

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I love the added terps Ive been getting since adding epsom salts to my watering. It’s essentially mag (‘inus a bit of cal) and a few other goodies.

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Any additional flushing required (for salts)? What mix ratio / frequency is working for you?

Nope. Not epsom wise at least. As long as u dont drown her in it. I use it on straight water days… well water/epsom/microbe days.

Gallon of rainwater
Spoon of salt (2 spoons if we in flower)
Couple drops of Tribus/Recharge

Ill feed, ‘water’, feed.

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:heart_eyes: wow beautiful

Only feed once a week and water if needed doing this outdoor stuff