Auto Outdoor Grow - Leaf Mottling

I have 3 autos outdoors. All three had this splotchy coloring for the first two weeks, now that they’re bigger it’s much easier to see. My Northern Lights became completely the light color, all bleached out. In week 4-5 (ish) now and the Amnesia Haze is still fully mottled and I think in preflower. The Blueberry and my (runt) Northern lights seem to have grown out of it. The BB and AHz are both the same size and SEEM to be growing well other than this coloring. But this is my first run and I have no comparison. It’s also been hot AF the last 3 weeks with temps in the mid to upper 90s every day. Surprisingly very little signs of canoeing or praying.

I think the fact all three of them had this at some point in time points to a nutrient issue, but what is it? Is the AHz a heavier feeder of certain nutes than the others? could there have been something weird in the coco?

Coco Coir in 5 gallon pots
Adv Nutrients Coco Ph Perfect, watering and feeding every 3-5 days as needed to overlflow
Temps 85-95, humidity 45-65%
Nukem or Neem once a week to control bugs


I don’t know, but I’m sure these guys do!

@Skydiver @Budbrother @Mrcrabs

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Sorry ive never dealt with something like that, hold up and somone will answer shortly @PharmerBob @ThatoneAKguy what you guys think, @Budbrother i looks like that stuff @FloridaSon caught idk if you remember it was a while back


I have a Super Lemon Haze with one branch (out of about 30) with similar color and pattern. The plant is doing fine and I have not detected any insects or other pests. On mine, it is only one or two leaves that look like this, all of the neighboring leaves (same branch) appear normal.
The plant is 87 days old, 32 days since flipping.

It will be interesting to hear what folks have to say…

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I had one just this grow looked a lot like that from seed all the way until just during light flip when I realized it was a male. It looked all funky but grew fine up until it came outta the closet and donated some pollen and was chopped and being recycled.

Leprocy or bad acne from the start all the way through even on new growth.

Not saying that caused or was an indicator of being a male but looked weird but grew fine until I culled it

lol… Ed…

this doesn’t look nute-related to anyone? it’s kind of too late now anyway, but i am going to pop four more autos outside in the next two weeks. tobacco mosaic disease popped up a few times but no one can say for sure if cannabis can actually get it and there isn’t a consensus on what it even looks like.

It does look like the TMV that he had.

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Wish I could get this figured out before i try and put a few more out there. We can legally have 6 plants in flower at a time here and I’d have to germinate the seeds before these plants are ready for harvest if I want to keep my schedule. I thought of it as “hey, free sun” so who cares if they don’t make it, but it’s REALLY hard not to get emotionally attached.


Interesting… thanks for that. Started researching last night and fell asleep. It’s just crazy that it seems no one can say for sure if cannabis is capable of contracting it.

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I’ve seen it first hand on @FloridaSon grow. I can and will say that cannabis can contract it.

I’m going to have to toss my entire garden. I feel sick. This $hit can stay in dead plant matter and soil for FIFTY YEARS. everything back there is dying anyway but was at least hoping to reuse the pots- there at least 20. i may still pop the next autos outside and keep them sequestered because i don’t have any more room indoors for now and i already ordered the seeds. i’ll have to be stellar about keeping things clean and not let my smoking friend back there without prophylactic measures. i’d love to know for sure how it was contracted. it literally sounds like tobacco and tobacco smoke is the only way.

I really hope I didn’t infect my indoor grow.

Although… this at 10 days old… clearly already has “it”. I tried to look at earlier pics of the seedling but I couldn’t get the camera to focus so I cant tell. Makes me wonder if whatever this is, if it a virus, didn’t come in with the coco. Now I feel like I have to toss all that too.

I wouldn’t toss the coco, but it’s cheap anyway. The bugs in your yard will spread the virus around the property. I would always change clothes and wash up really good before I ever opened an indoor tent. When I com back from floridason’s property, I strip down in the garage and go straight in and take a shower. You’ll still be able to harvest those plants, but with a lower yield and less potent buds. All is not lost, brother.


great knowledge…thanx

wow that’s more commitment than i think i can handle. plus i have no garage or back mud room and my house is the size of a matchbox. tent takes up half a bedroom. oddly enough the lit states that bugs shouldn’t spread it. i’m going to see if i can send a leaf to be tested somewhere. i’m going to have a hard time psychologically if i don’t go full nuke on the whole yard and that won’t be easy to do. the plant has also showed these signs since almost day one so if it is the virus the seed is also suspect. but if it’s NOT the virus… all is good in mudville. the good news is i’ve had it for over a month and haven’t spread it yet to the indoor grow via my sloppy ways.

More research in case others ever come up with this…

Chances are it’s NOT TMV. That doesn’t mean it’s nothing. there are plenty of other mosaic viruses out there that look similar, and the ones known to affect hemp and likely cannabis are most often carried in the seeds. that would make sense in this instance as the seedling had this coloring. A few others on other forums had this identical look and bought TMV test kits and they call came out negative.

FYI ILGM responded and asked if I’d send in a leaf and a little soil. More than happy to do so. the more I dug into this, I am seeing quite a few folks with leaves looking like mine. would be really nice to know what it is. unfortunately no one from other older posts responded to know what their final outcomes were.

possibly genetic, maybe.