Auto Outdoor Grow Late Flower & High Temp + Humidity

I have been growing outdoors for 6 years now and this current heat wave (100F) has me concerned for my 5 Auto’s. All 5 are about 11 weeks since sprouting and this weather with it’s high humidity (+75-80%) has me worried about but rot forming. I have been watching them close and feel they are in there last few weeks/days.
What are other outdoor growers thoughts on bringing them inside - out of the humidity - for a few days or just try to help by putting a fan on them outside. Which would be better.

Dig holes in ground to set the pots in. That’ll help keep root temps down


Plenty of water I don’t think it would be possible to overwater in this kind of heat. Plants Look great . Good luck finishing up.


I like the idea and that would help, hopefully this wave of heat and humidity will be over in a few days.

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Keep them in the shade whenever possible and water (twice daily wouldn’t hurt). If you have signs of white powdery mildew that can be a big precursor to botrytis. If so you might want to start spraying 3% peroxide every other day to combat. If you have an enclosed space with a dehumidifier you can let them “sleep” in that space which really helps. This is what I do during the last few weeks of flower.


So far so good. No signs of WPM or botrytis. The last few nights I have brought them inside the house “to sleep” in the Air Conditioning and keep a fan on them. Inside house the humidity is mid 50’s . I do not have a dehumidifier and figured it is a lot better than overnight outside at 70-80% . The last 2 years has been more challenging getting plants to the finish line without some weather related issue.


That’s perfect. I’ll bet you won’t lose a bit of your crop.