Auto outdoor first time in canna terra plus

Week 6

How’s it looking
35 g of organic fruit and veg feed watered in at week 5
Npk 6 3 6 just adding 2 mil of boost
Every other day ph6.2


@erbyfor420 welcome your plant looks nice and healthy

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Welcome to the community ! Looking good I see she started the flower stage I would start focusing on the Bloom nutes. :v::+1:


Thank you very much ,How much per litre of canna boost would u recommend and when should I pk13/14

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I would start out with half recommended dose. Watch how the plant responds, most of the time less is better.

Hi there and welcome to the neighborhood :grinning:
Your lady looks good. Now…its the wait and wait time.

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I guess i am in the corner again. are my pics showing ? It’s a mystery to me

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Welcome to the community. :+1:

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Works for me, as well. Welcome

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Like the others said, looking good.