Auto or just a wierd genetic?

I’m convinced the seed bank I bought y seeds from accidentally included n auto flower. Mango crack fem seeds. Photoperiods. She’s been flowering since early veg. The two plants in the back ground are the ones I’m talking about. Planted same day (feb 2nd). Popped same day. Same light schedule. 18/6 same nutes. And I’ll be damned. I was told it could be just a different pheno but I’m not so sure now

Did you investigate lineage? May have some unintended ruderalis in it, which could be difference in phenotype. Otherwise i would say you’re probably correct.

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If you are on a 18/6 schedule that back one is an auto I don’t do any breeding so I don’t know exactly how it’s done but I read somewhere that some seeds can be auto photo off the same plant. Im thinking it’s when they pollinate a photo with an auto dad

I can’t find much about lineage online. Other than it’s a somango x green crack.

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Im not to familiar with them. I guess if there is silver lining it should finish earlier than rest of your crop.