Auto or Fem ? any advice

What do you think? I was looking at some new strains to grow this summer. I looked at the same strain, one in the auto category and one in the fem. Here’s my question. I read the bio. of each plant. The auto strain said it was a compact plant and the fem said tall. The thc content was less for the auto than the fem All things equal ie grower, system etc. why would one the auto have less than the fem. thanks I was looking at gorilla glue

I just grew a gorilla glue fem this past summer outside and it did get tall I got 40+ ounces from her,

Imo the. Auto will be lower in thc cause it’s been bred with the rudarlis strain to make it an auto plant hense why the thc is down abit , I could be wrong but that’s my take on it all


Wow on that baby;;;;; thinking on trying an indoor and one out doors. Just gotta figure a not to notice able spot. Can grow either in a grow bag or in my garden itself.

Meant to say a good stealth spot. sorry

The smell in flowering was intense , could smell her out by the road . So we spread coffee ground out in garden to help hide the smells

thanks, overlooked the smell.

40+ oz. From 1 plant holy shit I’d like to know your secret.

:grinning::grinning:I’m on an acre but it’s long narrow block. So trying to hide from neighbours is fun​:joy::joy:

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