Auto Nutrient delivery systems and dilution ratios

Well the time has come to take another step away from the grow but this may be the biggest hurdle yet to cross. I’ve grown accustomed to creating the mixes that the girls use and have gotten used to waking up in a panic if I turned on the valve to feed them…

does anyone have a system yet?

if so do you use liquid prepare nutes or are you creating your own stock from dry supplements?

**other opinions are acceptable as well…definitely probably **

Blue lab pro controller
M3 perilastic pump (x2)
Bluelab sample pot

(1)Gh silica
(2) Gh pro cal with micros
(3)Gh pro bloom
(4)FF boosters (open sesame/ beastie bloom/ cha Ching)
(5)Gh ph up

Empty on 6

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Gidday mate. Maybe a timer hook up to pump hooked up to halos. I water 10 sec every 2 hrs for veg. Give me bout 7-8 litres of run off a day. Then during stretch they get thirstier. 10 sec every 1.5 hrs. To easy no worries. Good luck.

Using 30 gals of water every 2 days

I have a feeder system in place already, next step is to create a mixing system for the nutrients

I use autopot and run a 12 pot xl system using 2 30 gal totes. Top hold pure r/o and bottom is mixing chamber

So the idea is to take away a tote, install the NDS system listed above, and add a float valve to the lower tote to move r/o line there.

Fresh water comes in from the r/o , will be circulated with a small pump which moves it to the sample pot. Pro controller reads from the sample pot to make adjustments using the peripods into the main tote

My main concern is dilution ratios for the stock since I’ll have to mix that myself, ph down and silica can be diluted 1:1 with r/o but I gotta figure out how to make stock with dry ferts

Really awesome looking grow area, @PharmerBob.

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Labor of love, thank you

That I can not help you with but may learn. Good luck mate. Nice lookin stuff goin on👍

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