AUTO NL Harvest Time? 1st Grow - Help!

@ktreez420 hold it with tweezers and slice with a razor . Small chunks

@ktreez420 remember the pipes with the chamber in the stem from back in the day ? We used to stick a bud in there and let it get a black and gooey then roll it in kief and this is how we smoked it


I remember having a badass little chamber pipe back in the day… it made me a pipe snob, lol… one bowl of bad weed would ruin a fantastic bud…so you only ever wanted to smoke the best in your pipe while you had a nice bud in there.


FYI- when I posted this question my auto NL was at day 96 from soil so 2-3 weeks would be around 115 days is that normal

No, from what I can tell from Robert Bergman seed site it’s about twice as long, heres the link…

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Tnx again 4 the help ppl…here are my trichomes as of today…you were def right they have a little ways to go…hoping maybe a week or so left??

No it’s not normal? Sry just want to be clear on what u meant and the link just said something about flowering time being around 58 days which was about as long as it took to even show signs of flower…

I still have my old chambered bowl somewhere I wish I could find it I think it had like six Chambers if I wanted we would fill them babys up and wait a few months and wow taste like ass but feel so good

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@MedMan1878 they look great man here in a few days you will be really happy nice looking bro great job

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Put them on 10/14 to get finish and start the cure ?

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How long on 10/14 u thinking like a couple more days? Or just go by the microscope

The scope, it’s always the scope


Cool…anybody got scope pics of trichomes with the ideal % of Amber? I want a little more body buzz but I’m afraid of going too long

Ok Folks I need your help here once again to see if I am ready to harvest my 1st plant. Here are pics of the trichomes as of today…lookin a lot cloudier now and I’ve started to see some Amber. I am looking for a little more of a body high so please let me know what you think…tnx!!

Few more days I think

I personally don’t see much Amber in your trichomes. I would wait another week.

Well I think it may be time to throw it into its final dark period cuz I’m now seeing a lot of Amber and cloudy trichomes including towards the bottom nugs…am I good to put it into 24-36 hours of dark and start cutting? It’s hard to show the amber with the light but in every nug I zoom in on I see atleast 15% Amber and Moreso in many other spots…

looks great…I would give it another week if it were mine. You have come this far…not a time to get impatient.


She really only looks milky… Don’t really see a lot of amber yet…