Auto light question

i’m a 1st time grower and think i screwed up with the light time i used. they are 3 autoflowers in a 3x3 tent and led’s. I put them on 13hrs of light and after 5 weeks they’re about 15" tall and otherwise healthy and starting to bud. Can i up the light hours to help increase growth or is it too late. i found this site after starting grow unfortunately. thanks for any imput

Auto flowers don’t require a change in light cycle to flower. Some grow 24h, 18/6h, some even grow autos with Photo periods at 12/12

If I was growing auto I’d probably just do the normal 18/6

ive read where 12-12 will work with reduced size and production which makes me wonder if i can go to something like 18 hrs to boost their grow rate

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I think 18 hours is good, 6 hours more light then 12/12 for better growth, 6 hours less then 24 hours, give the plants a break for 6 hours, also save electricity if that’s an issue.

Let’s ask @beardless he grows some nice autos, what are your thoughts on lighting times for autos

I could be more help with pics, and maybe a idea of lighting, medium, pot size. All I see is leds and they vary astronomically

i’m using fox farm happy frog in 5 gal buckets , bestva 600w lights which i just put on both light and veg switches but not sure how to add pics, sorry

@madmikeb This button to upload pictures

Wait for the checkmark then hit reply

these should be a little better pics


@madmikeb Ok so I was talking with @Nicky, recommend 24 h for first two weeks and 20/4 thereafter. Thanks Nicky :+1:


@Dave101, your words are very generous. I run 20/4 start to finish. I qualify that with saying I use blurples so felt they would do better under more light than less. If I had a high quality QB or similar I would gear it more toward DLI.
One other thing, I am a no fuss no muss kind of person. Set the timer and forget it.
This is a jack herer auto 5 weeks into flower.

Growing under two 125-130 W blurple blow torches and a Kind flower light bar. Can you see why I call her bathroom Jack.


@beardless Very nice looking plants you got. Thanks for clearing up the light schedule, last thing I want to do is give out the wrong info, I actually completely forgot about the 20/4 schedule. Yes I can see why you named her “Bathroom Jack”, now that’s just to funny.

Good luck with the grow, and any future grows :+1:

thanks for all the info, its appreciated

I tried growing three jacks outside this summer. First attempt at growing outside and a total disaster thanks to caterpillars. So I wanted to give one a try inside. I now use that BR for single autos to have fun with. This is what else I have going in the tent An auto, three photos and a clone

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I would be careful increasing the lights on time , might go hermi , can take lights on time away but should be careful adding it

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thats what i was worried about. think i’ll leave as is and learn a lesson

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I grew autos under 13/11 , no problem

i just thought they were a little small for week 5

Good thinking @Tinman, I’m learning lots about autos today. I grow critical mass auto outside this year, but lots to learn if I ever grow them indoor

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I’d love to grow outside but worried about security

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