Auto lemon haze and mystery help needed

Hello first grow have a few plants growing waiting on dwc buckets to arrive within the next few days but need to know if they should be getting nutrients and such I am giving them a little now floranova veg tsp a gallon and watering now they are going to be 3 weeks old from seed on the 20th

Still to early for flower nuted mate.
If there 3 weeks old you can start feeding but id start very lightly and see how your plant takes it. What medium you using? Are you ph ing your drink? Grow time now mate. So grow nutes. Flower nutes come later after buds have started forming. Check a few of the grow mentors grow journals.

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Oops my bad mentioned veg idk why I put that but ph the juice to 5.5 swings a Lil and they are in rapid rooter that have been put in 4 in rockwool that has been ph balanced before hand they have busted out of the bottom most with at list 4 to 5 roots but some dried out in places while I was working but seem to have recovered they are waiting for dwc buckets and system kit to arrive tmrw or the next day finger crossed they are in a tent 2x2x4 with a carbon filter outake fan with a mars hydro 300w and two quasar led 285w but I think I may have over watered them when I seen the root damage hoping the dwc arrives soon any advice and input is greatly appreciated

I few pics to help

Thats better mate. How great is it that you can edit your posts. Saves starting a new one. Looks petty good for first run buddy.

Ya it really does help lol and thank you I’m so worried about them 24/7 lol sometimes I’m sure I’m just over thinking lol

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I have noticed the stem from the fan leaves in a few are turning purple idk is that a bad sign

It could be genetics. But my last grow i had cooler lights out time and this also caused purple stems

It stays within about 5 degrees of the same it is during light period they seem happy still tho …I guess time will tell lol