Auto journal first grow

Dropped 6 in water a week ago. 2 NL auto 2 Blueberry Auto and 2 AH auto. Everyone except the bb popped a tail. So I planted all of them. This is gonna be a low maintenance outdoor grow. So far I have 1 AH and 2 NL up. Nothing from the others. I’m gonna drop a few more BB and an AH if the don’t sprout in the next couple days. I want six plants as I’m growing for a friend for medical reasons. Hoping to get him set up so he doesn’t have to worry about it. This is the beginning



Not naming as of yet. Don’t want to jinx it

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Im in the same boat with the names. I have only 1 to name but im waiting till she grows up a bit

Stretching there a little bit.

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Yeah they’re tall girls. I have them in my closet for now. They’ll be outside during the day from now on until they get to their grow space


I had issues with my BBA as well, had to drop 4 more, 3 popped waiting on 4th.

For me the BBs did better in planting straight to soil but dampened off about 3 weeks but I solved that problem 5th time trying bb but my cats shredded them about 8 weeks lol but I have that situation fixed also

Why do you guys make the plants ? I have grown cannabis before but that was just here and there nothing constant like my indoor grow now is it a superstition or a habit or is just part of the cannabis culture ? I have never named my plants but I have named my trucks I have owned lol

I don’t name my plants either. Maybe call them Bertha or bigguns when I talk to the ole lady about them, but no names

That’s what I do When I talk to mine about them

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One more AH auto popped up. Still nothing on the BB auto.

What is the best light for indoor growing

I put cfls over seedlings for 24/0 first 2 weeks then I put a roleadro 400w cob over it at 20" at either 18/6 or 16/8 until I see pistol then put my 315w 3000k cmh about 20" at 12/12

@drbn32 need help

These will be planted in the woods and checked on with no expectations. New batch started Soon. Lighting issues going on