Auto Jack Herer X AK47 13 Weeks, NO Amber Trichomes AND New Pistils

I’m here in Northern California, where my autoflower Jack/AK47 (sativa dominant) has been in grow for 13 weeks. Like all autoflowers, it showed buds about week 4, and so is now approaching its 10th week of flowering. It has many-many trichomes (yay!), but they don’t seem to be turning amber, at all. I don’t want to shortchange myself on trichome development by harvesting early, but I don’t want to risk it all degrading by leaving it in the pot too long.

On top of that, today I noticed that the buds have started to put out new pistils, as if the calyxes are going to start swelling again — even though there are almost no functioning major leaves left.

This is, I believe, weird. Photo below.


It’s the plant last ditched effort to fully bloom to produce and pack on more wieght and more resin trichomes and pistils , which is a great time to feed the plant bloom nutrients high in phosphorus and max out ppm to about 1950 if not there now , but it’s definitely a great sign that the buds are getting fatter and bigger . But you can extend your dark period from 12/12 to 11/13 for the week right before you start your flush and than the last two weeks extend dark period to 10/14 for remaining of grow until plants finished . By extending the dark period the plant will go into a safe mode to protect buds and build twice more resin , due to intense lighting reduced resin trichomes and plants replace those trichomes in the dark period and by extending the dark period it will put on twice more resin and also finish faster , that should also help them pistols to Amber as well , hope this helps and happy ending !


Well, this is a purely outdoor grow — my first — and I’m reliant on the stars in their courses for light and dark.

My concern is that as an autoflower, it really should be done by 13 weeks (seed bank says 10).

I’m happy to let the plant keep packing on the trichomes, and I’ll take this additional growth as a benefit unless I start to see visible degradation of the buds. Whether I’ll add nutes at this point I’m not sure. I’ve done very, very little adding of nutrients so far, having started with my own version of supersoil.

I would double check that. Jack Herer, should be done about now, autos are a10 week plant tops, you may be past already.
It is a Hearty strain, Yoshi is proly right on last ditch effort But you are Outdoors, This will be a close call if you want to extend it much further.
I’m hoping to plant White Widow the end of June for 8-9 weeks and expect full bloom, up state N.Y. (all out doors)

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Outdoor NY grow thread would totally be something I’d like to follow and read! @FyshhTrap

I’m told that amber trikes are a sign that the THC (THCA?) has begun to deteriorate. What I don’t know is if you can have deterioration without amber trichomes showing up.

If so, I’d harvest now, since it seems I’m over-time. If not, I’d like to give the newly emergent calyxes a chance to grow.

Also, even though it’s a sativa-dominant, the indica from the Afghan in the AK47 parent might lead to a longer growth period. How stable are the phenotypes, anyway, when you’re breeding ruderalis into the mix? (That’s not a rhetorical question – I really don’t know.)

I started this plant from seed outdoors in late March, which is possible in California. Upstate New York? You tell me.

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Just getting back into growing, If my seeds come in on time I"lll start a commando outdoor grow in upstate N.Y.
Using just the Basics to start , It will be a 8-9 week grow with White Widow Fem. AutoFlower and Blueberry Fem. Auto as well. Conditions will be Totally outdoors except foe a two week inside start I"ll have approx. 3-5 plants in three different grow mediums (areas) upstate agricultural farmland and along reservoir and river areas,should be interesting to say the least.
This Is OldSchool!!


Our spring was some of the coldest in years here in NY, that is why I put this grow off for so long, although I should have bought my seeds earlier just to have them. I believe our outdoor grow mediums should be about the same using Autos.

I used a local product, Kellog’s Patio Mix, to which I added perlite and Earth Juice’s Grow (dry, 1/4 dose mixed into soil) to make my “supersoil.”

I only did one additional feeding (Earth Juice’s Bloom) — right after the plant’s brief veg period. Other than that, it’s just been pHed water. As this is my first grow, I didn’t feel comfortable micro-managing nutrients, and so just put my plants in the medium that they could live out their lives in.

Maybe next time I’ll muck about with a more aggressive nute routine.

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Well if my Beans ever get here, I found a Great Hydo /Organic store near me Its in Schenectady , N.Y., they set me up with a good start kit , These guys specialize in CANNA bio nutrients, all organic, they have the regular stuff as well, FoxFarm etc… Its all online and if anyone is near its Worth the drive- Trust Me
I got my start trays, soil , CANNA COCO soil, ph kit, and CANNA Rhizotonic rooting supplement 0-0-0.6, plus CANNA Start for seedlings and cuttings 1-1-2, a Free dvd and a 30 gal. biodegradeable camo grow bag for $60.00 .
Please God , send me my Beans <*)))><{

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30 gallon? Will you be growing that popular California strain Purple Sequoia?

Where are you getting your beans? I ordered mine from the UK and Amsterdam (best prices and wide variety of autos) and they showed up in 6-7 days.

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30 gal. ?!! , that’s what I said , He explained it to me, fill it up with soil( not to the top), its good for three plants at a time, it has soil drainage holes . Its about 24" tall, you curl the top over like a mushroom outwards, coat the outside with some type of oil like cheap Wesson to keep bugs and slugs from crawling in. Then its camo and biodegradeable, Everything is contained so you aren’t competing with whats in the natural soil. This is for an out door grow.
I"ll be growing White Widow fem. Autos and Blueberry Fem, Autos .
I’m getting my beans from Robert Bergman in Netherlands ( ILGM) should be here next week I hope, send a link to where you get yours please.

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Wow! A miniature Smokytown with three villagers. I like the sound of that.

Or maybe how you would plant colonies on a hostile planet. The imagination runs riot.

I bought from Herbie’s Head Shop (how could I say no?) by way of: (I have three of their varieties in grow now); Gorilla seeds at (1 underway); and Sea of Seeds (the 3 auto Jack Herer x AK47s) at


Still LMAO !!! miniature smokey town !! lol, thanks for the links Ima keepin my eyes open for alt suppliers , didn’t ask my guy at Liquid Sun where he gets his, maybe next visit. Definetely knows his shit , great starter advice.

I use for all my seeds. I’ve received every order within 2 weeks from ordering date. They give you a tracking number as well. And lots of freebies! Right now they’re running 25% off all auto seeds as well.


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Wow that’s awesome Treez, I"ll check into that site as well , I have 13 seeds coming hopefully by next week, I’m only planning on using 5-7, my question is will the remaining seeds be good till next spring (may2017) and if I buy more for next spring ( yes I’m an outdoor grower) how do I store them until then , any help would be Greatly appreciated .

They tell me, if stored in an airtight container in a refrigerator at about 42 F, they should remain viable for a few years.

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And That’s what I needed to hear, thanx Treez

returnee…I had the same issue with my grand daddy purple outdoor grow. I should have taken it out about two weeks earlier. It appeared that it was growing taller rapidly but was making strange little balls of seeds? Anyone chime in on this? The dry went south I think with hanging in a dark room, over cooked them, way to crunchy. So, bag dry next time for me!!!