Auto issues, help needed


This used to be my friends plant and he chocked it up and gave it to me and this plant is in rough shape, I don’t know where to begin to even diagnose this plant… any 1 have a suggestions on how to fix some of the issues?

Auto flower: Og Kush.
Soil: unknown
Nutrients: unknown
PH: Haven’t got to check yet, owned this plant for 6 hours, haven’t had the chance to check run off.
5 weekish old…

So little is known lol any suggestions on where to start a recovery? And sorry for the lack of info, all the question I asked I was a getting different answer each time so I quit asking.

Me: What kind of plant is it…
Him: cannibus…

Me: I mean like gorilla glue, girl scout cookies, northern lights???
Him: It’s a female…

Me: I can see the hairs so I gathered as much…lol,
Him: Disappeared for 30 min and came back and said Kush Og.

Me : What kind of soil?
Him: the red, white and blue bag from home depot, it seemed american…

Me: What kind of nutrients ?
Him: Some the wife had for her roses…

Me aaawwweeesssoommmee, thanks bud I’ll see what I can do.

Sooooo I didn’t even ask about PH to be hounest… but I said I would try and help, so I greatly greatly appreciate any help and I apologies again lol.

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I would flush her check the run off and hit her with your own nutes. she looks under or over watered I think under and underfed imo.


I got GH trio micro, gro, bloom, with floracious plus on hand along with unsulfured molasses, super thrive, my question is how much should I feed a auto flower at this size in soil? A gallon phed at 6.5? I’m just not sure on the bottled nutes? With or with out molasses? Any suggestions?

IF that is an auto…really too late to do much with it. Except to grow it out.
Now…it has a major overdose of “rose” fertilizer------burnt clawed leaves.
Get a flush additive and that will help.
Keep in mind the little lady has grown about 3/4 ths of it’s genetic clock. So, would be best to flush, feed good nutes, watch ph and let her do what she has been trying to do…grow healthy.
Seriously, she has done much better than I would have expected. Could get some seeds if you have a good male.

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I checked soil ph, It was running 7 give or take .1, which is our city’s ph right out of tap, so I flushed, and as I was slowly flushing a ton of little gnats flew out the soil, and it looked like it had the chance to have some good genetics .