Auto Indoor Grow

I’m on my first indoor grow now with a WW Photo Fem. When I was buying seeds, I also bought a pack of WW Autos with a spring outdoor planting in mind. I have been hit by hurricanes in September, so I wanted a shorter growing season to ensure a safe harvest. But, since I have the seeds, I’m just kicking tires on what other members who may have grown an auto indoors say about the process.

Obviously photo’s can be manipulated indoors easily with a light timer…and timers can also be set with auto’s for that matter even thought it apparently doesn’t make much difference since they have their own internal clock anyway. But for the sake of argument for those who have the experience, what light cycle(s) do you set for the Auto’s during their life cycles?

Just wondering what the advantages (if any) are for an indoor auto?

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this is fascinating, i mull this one over all the time, please keep me updated as i am in a mirror like situation…last March gone the Russia Beast from the East laid waste my auto green dreams here in west UK.

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For sure! I’m on the east coast US and had two hurricanes back to back in Sep that absolutely stripped the foliage and buds right off my plants before they were remotely ready for harvesting. I was not strain savvy at that point, then research led me to ILGM and indoor growing out of necessity. This is where I discovered the value of auto flowering strains.

I’ll for sure do outdoor Auto flowering next spring to ensure a suitable harvest date before September when the hurricanes become problematic. Also hoping to get some info about the pros and cons of using autos indoor since I do have a sack of seeds to play with.

I run mine 18/6 until I see she’s flowering, then switch to 12/12 and get great results with wwa


Good feedback. So she goes into flowering all on her own w/o changing to 12/12…very interesting but I guess that’s what is supposed to happen…LOL Auto seems pretty neat.

Since the auto characteristics come from Ruderalis which is known not to carry much THC, is the end result a decently potent smoke despite the breeding?

I grew WW autos inside last winter with CFL’s and ran an 18/6 sched from veg to flower and they grew fine. My only issues is quantity and density but i think that was due to the lights. I also gree them outside this yr and they were great beside gettn bud rot due to the rxcessive rain.


ILGM has some high end THC laden seeds worth looking at for doing the indoor grow.
What is your lighting setup ?
I regularly do Auto N/Lights in my conservatory with only natural light. From the March 20 Equinox for 77 days apx, then its harvest time and I have never has a dud seed or had an indifferent high or yield …J68 :man_farmer:

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My tent is small, a 2x2x5.7 tall and I have a 135 watt (adjustable) LED Quantum Board light from growers lights.

Is it the Northern Lights Auto’s that are heavily THC laden?


Autos have greatly improved since they were first introduced. Most autos have very little ruderalis genetics, after all the crossing.

Autos tend to be shorter in stature & their grow cycles are fixed, but otherwise, they can produce buds just as potent & big as photoperiod plants. With proper care, an indoor auto can yield 2oz-8oz per plant or more, depending on genetics & skill.

They are more sensitive to stressors, simply because they don’t have a lot off leeway time for recovering from stress.

I start out for a week at 24/0, then go to 20/4 for 2 weeks, then 18/6 or 16/8 for a couple weeks, then 12/12 once they’re all firmly into flower mode.


…Auto N/lights give you more bang for your efforts, in my most recent experience, 10 seeds = dry cured apx 950g after 77 days + 14 days for curing…that’s my years supply done and dusted but the weather is getting weirder all the time so I hope to follow your progress through the long cold dark months ahead.
J68 :man_farmer:

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I’ve grown WWA’s at 20/4, sprout to harvest. If I did them again, I’d probably reduce the flowering to 12/12.

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Was your yield low…the reason you’d change the light schedule?

I had a fine yield, but the cost of running 500W of power for six hours probably didn’t get me a lot of bang for my buck.


Yeah, I see your point. Especially on the larger side of a grow scale, economics come into play. If electricity costs 25% more with 6 extra hours of lighting, but your yield gained less than that 25% increase, it makes sense to back the light off. Makes good ecomony sense.