Auto hindo kush


@lostscuba how old is that one ?


Almost 2 months just growing stupid see now this is same age

planted at same time


@lostscuba wow that is just crazy.


Yea it just happens I guess trying to get her through it but the last one I’m gonna clone well all my seeds best way to go


@lostscuba do you LST ? If so when do you start with autos? I have read different things.


Lst ??? Autos just go when they get height I haven’t seen auto as big as on here


Low stress train.


Yea u could I never tried it if they are seeds I try to stress train them cut clones to make them bigger for bud


I’ve grown one auto cheese and just budding no matter what light changes


This is why I clone my plants didn’t have leaves like this :maple_leaf:


Look how much she’s moved in a couple days

she might live



Better give me two nice colas


Here it is not growing moving slowly


Here’s the auto hindo kush not growing to fast but it’s getting there I think :thinking: :face_with_monocle::face_with_monocle::face_with_raised_eyebrow:when I topped it .it started growing all weird it only has 3 weeks left to get up there


I topped it 2 times so four buds


So from dec 18 tell feb 11 how many weeks can any one help me out



So guys its finely growing with 4 bud sites