Auto hindo kush


Well I popped the hindo kush but I think I’m gonna go with soil just to make sure it pops and made I can transfer to rock wool cube who knows is that possible?? Any pic @Weedwizard of hindo kush


Yes you can do that as soon as you see a tap root @Lostscuba place tap root down, for best results. I prefer rapid rooters my self, still the same principle.


Ok then I’m doing it but finally purple Marco is up


Chem dog was a bust didn’t pop I put the hindo kush last night and it popped over night so this is her first photo


You can see it


Gonna keep that one in promix it’s a auto anyway she will bud as soon as she’s 12 cm


Can you clone auto flower strains???


@Lostscuba short answer is YES.
Better answer is not really. The problem is that either side is on a time clock. The clone will still attempt to flower the same time the parent will.
Yes it will take root, and the parent will recover, but it will diminish your yield, from both plants.
Search cloning an auto. Very long thread about it, if you want to do some heavy reading.


Ok I will check it out thanks well my auto is a slow mode guys but it’s still alive any ideas how to give her a boost @Liljoe @Covertgrower @peachfuzz


Warm temperatures and proper humidity are your best bet. @Lostscuba how many days have they been under soil?


Just the one hindo auto kush doesn’t seam likes it’s growing I put a picture like a week ago I think :thinking: and it hasn’t got any bigger it’s in pro mix p


She’s moved finely but not much but it’s something


@SlowOldGuy will know why it’s stunted.


Scuba does not provide enough info to know what is going on,
if i had to guess it is a combo of over-watering, high temps, low air flow…???
over-watering is usually the biggest problem.!!

as u know…
the more info of the grow we get the better we can help.!


The hindo kush is in solo cup I water when it’s dry it’s in pro mix hasn’t grown at all I don’t over water I wait tell they are really dry I don’t give them nutes it’s an auto flower I have to fans blowing fresh air into my apartment and cubbing hole has cold air coming in I planted these at the same time

. Plus I live in up stairs apartment where it’s the hotest so they dry out twice as fast I can’t leave for more then 24 hours or they will dry up and die


hearing this, i assume u have seen them wilt from needing water.?

how do u judge the moisture level of the pots to know when they r ‘dry’.?

the pics show a root problem, half the cotyledon is faded,
the most common seedling and plant root problems in ‘soil’ come from over-water.!
the tap root grew to the bottom of the cup, if the bottom does not dry enough it causes a condition called ‘wet feet’,
cannabis hates wet feet.!!!

if the pots have the proper moisture then it may be a pH issue…???


Don’t have a humidity checker and it’s always at 72 to 76 f i notice when the soil is dry I picket up and smell the bottoms of the plants cups if it light I water it only on the ones I can pick up the bigger ones I put over 5 gallon buckets to flush and check ph with drops I put my finger in the soil if it’s wet I don’t water best I can do


sounds like u r watering correctly…

what is the pH of your water.?

r u fertilizing the little hindu kush yet.?

try moving her away from the light, 12" further away, it may be too close causing weird nutrient uptake.???


Ok I will do so thanks info is always good


That’s all it grew @Newbrn @

that’s around the same age as my sour kush. It’s white widow