Auto GSC 15 days today....first successful 🤞grow so far....thoughts?

5x5x7 hlg650r about 29” @ 102 watts / par 170 (tallest), soil Coast of Maine
Platinum, watering with 1ml per gal. of Fish Sh!t. Smaller 2 got off to a rough start out of the rooting pod. Node spacing? Any help greatly appreciated!


Girls look very nice. A couple seem to be stretching a bit, you might want to bring the lights a bit closer

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Node spacing looks okay. The overall seedlings look a little leggy though. If mine, I would think about burying it up past the cotyledons once they are gone.


So basically fill the pot to let them take root once they’re off.

Thanks :pray:

Looking good! I have a couple that are only a couple days older than yours.
What size pot did you use? Why didn’t you fill er up to the top? Just wondering is all.

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5 gallon, retrospectively I would have and will do more of a fill going forward, I didn’t allow for the soil settling as much as it did once watered. Thanks!

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Lol I made the same mistake my first go around. No big deal. You can always add some more.

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