Auto GSC 13 weeks

Hi there…I think I am close but I took pictures and the trichomes look clear? Any advice would be appreciated


It’s really hard for me to tell… can u get a pic of the whole plant in natural light? I will say this, I think your close…

Looks super close if not done. Depending on ur liking lol. Looks super frosty for sure. Nice job. See if u can get as close to the bud as possible and as clear as possible to see trics a bit better. Have grow lights off and camera flash on only for natural light colors.

Looks very close and nice frosty

Thanks for the responses…hopefully these are better pics


I found reflected light from the flash was deceptive and made the trics look much more milky than they were until I got a closer look. I got the idea to check a hobby/craft store for a proper loupe and found it for 10 dollars in the jewelry craft section. 20x and 60x magnification. Found the 20x is barely enough too so if you get one make sure it is 20x or more. I bought a set of 8x 10x and 11x first and learned that they were not enough.

Looks great. I have 3 of the same at 9 and 10 weeks. My first time growing so I’m in the same boat with you. At 13 weeks you have to be really close if not done already. Did a good job. That’s a nice full healthy looking lady there.

Beautiful! You’re almost done! Check for some amber trics. Happy Thanksgiving :turkey: :green_heart: