Auto growers : I challenge you to start growing photoperiod strains!

If you stunt or harm an auto it might start flowering immediately as a reaction. This can occur from normal photo habits, such as transplanting, fimming/topping, environmental conditions… Ect

So if you can provide the right environment and treat her right she will treat you right, of course genetics matter, so in that regard I highly recommend ilgm autos, I’ve been really happy with mine.

I’m still excited to try photos next though.

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My first Auto was an LSD, she was 19 inches tall and yielded 2.2 oz. Her sister - growing now - is only 14 inches tall, but I’m likely going to get more from her. My Shirley is the tallest at 25 inches, but she’s loaded for bear.

I suspect the BGs and GG are going to be taller, could be wrong though.

Point being that even small plants can have a decent yield, though obviously taller will give more. :wink:


Jack herer auto is slow starter but strong finisher.


Good luck. Thanks for the tag. I haven’t been growing a year yet but have 3 grows under my belt all autos. Grow 4 is chugging along early in flower. I’ll answer your questions the best i can or tag someone i think maybe able to help. What are you growing?

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Good to hear! I’m excited to see what happens.


Been lurking around following your grows, nice work


You should start a journal, there’s lots of awesome growers here that will pitch in with tips and tricks. It helps to shorten the learning curve. If you do , tag me in!


I do both photos and autos, but I seem to gravitate more towards the autoflowering varieties. I have purple kush that I have not started yet, and according to the website they are not a heavy producer and I know this before I bought the seeds. My brother grew out a blueberry Auto from ilgm that I started for him. He put it in a controlled environment with CO2. 11 1/2 oz, over 5 ft tall, and possibly the strongest weed I’ve ever smoked. I don’t even like it because it is too strong. And I love blueberry. The other four I grew out all came in between 2 and 3 oz each plant. Super Lemon Haze Autoflower is a strong producer and I averaged just under 5 oz her plant on my last grow.
54" auto Super Lemon Haze produced over 5oz. smokeable flower and plenty of trim for hash.


For anyone following along on a budget, photoperiod are more affordable in comparison to autoflowers.
This is one of many reasons I choose photoperiod over autoflowers.
For some growers autoflowers have their place, but I don’t think they are for me.


Growing Autos definitely has disadvantages. When you get a really good one, and it’s all gone it’s gone. At least with photos you can always take clones and keep strains alive when they are exceptional.


I’m curious why?
Because of cloning capabilities or just cost per seed or how much the plants produce?


I usually get 4 to 8 oz after dried, cured and no stems. These are my Autos. Now my Photos I can pull over 2 lbs dried, cured and no stems.

I don’t mind Autos so I can try different strains. The Autos I get is free seeds so it just icing on the cake.


Just the thread I was hoping for!

After 2 successful Auto grows, I now have my first photo in seedling stage as part of grow 3. :slight_smile:

I’m also growing 2 autos in the tent but they will move outside in a month… leaving just the photo behind.

I’m sort of scared that I’ll overdue it or screw up and have a light leak or something when I’m trying to flip them into flower…but you don’t learn unless you try something different…so here I am.

Thanks for the challenge… I was sort of “on it” before you posted…but this adds motivation knowing that others are here at the same stage in growing!

Here she is Magic Melon Fem.


@VirginiaGrowBoy you can do it! Photoperiod strains are easy and really forgiving if something goes wrong. Just do everything you have learned before and you will do great. If you are leaving just one photo inside you should start L.S.T in a few weeks to maximize your canopy. Cheers and happy growing.


Got a journal started here
Not sure how to tag you over there, ill give it a shot tho


That’s some impressive numbers.


Ive got some photos im going to plant outside somewhere but here’s the thing if you planted 5 you might get one around ky there’s people that goes around looking for it it’s aggravating to do all the work then some prick takes it because he’s to lazy or just can’t grow


Bubble Gum Photo 12/25 sprout

I actually grow one or 2 Photo’s with my auto

I have 2 AK-47 Photo 1 Supper Skunk Photo and 4 GSC Auto’s


Just on the cloning capabilities subject alone, photoperiod wins hands down.

I haven’t compared prices, across different distributors, but the cost per seed is usually a little higher. Again, this does depend where you get them, and how much was invested in genetics and breeding. Photoperiod has been around the longest allows for more stability.

This is 50:50 shot for most. You either get an outstanding auto, or a bum auto, the same goes for a photoperiod. Environment plays a role, and I can clone a plant, put it in a different environment, and see how differently it produces. Autos it’s a one shot chance. Yield alone it’s a wash because either photoperiod, or auto, both can pull a good weight.
The main difference is the control that potential weight, with a longer or shorter veg time from a photoperiod. This becomes less guess work after cloning.

There are pros and cons to everything, and cloning takes space, and secondary tents. Some growers are short on light, or space, but both are needed for cloning. Autos have their place in smaller grows, for people limited on space, or light. So I’m not for or against either, but explaining some overlooked differences. @Syndrix


So I’m still a newbie only on 2nd run started with autos thinking it would be easier and faster, but I am looking forward to doing photos soon when I run out of autos seeds. I grew 3 plants all about 3ft tall averaged about 5 oz per plant, hopefully will get better results 2nd time around. Do have 1 photo started still learning. Vegged her for about 2 months just put her in a different to tent to start to flip. Gonna see what happens